BLUETTI Poweroak AC200P 2000Wh/2000W Portable Power Station Solar Generator


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BLUETTI AC200P (UK version)  Portable Power Station-Large Capacity, High Power. Home Backup Power.

Keep your equipment running indoors and outdoors.

2000Wh/2000W Higher Output/Larger Capacity
13 Output Ports Meet Multiple Devices
Flexible 5 Recharge Ways(AC/Solar/Car/Generator/Lead acid batterry)
Smart Touchable Interaction LCD Display
700W Solar+500W AC Recharge in 2-2.5Hrs
Dual AC adapter(500W) Fast recharge in 2-2.5Hrs
Eco-friendly/Gas free/Quieter/Cost-effective

Tips:The open circuit voltage of AC200P is between 35V-150V, please make sure solar panels' open circuit voltage is in the range,otherwise it may cause low voltage/overvoltage protection. In addition, considering the loss of solar panels during conversion, the effect of 2 panels is not good. we suggest to connect at least 3pcs Bluetti solar panel in series.

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This portable power station Bluetti AC200P (UK version) has large battery capacity of 2000Wh/540Ah. It is designed for backup power supply in case of power failure at home or for outdoor off-grid power supply. You can use it to charge various electronic products (such as smartphone, tablet, laptop, camera, etc.) or to power various electric appliances with rated power under 2000W (such as household appliances like LED light, TV, mini fridge and various electric tools). The compact and lightweight design make it perfect to be used at home, in campervan or on a camping trip.

2000Wh/2000W/3500+ Charging Cycles

From lights to laptops, refrigerators and power tools, run all your devices with the clean and quiet AC200P Portable Power Station. Designed to be the most versatile and innovative power station on the market, AC200P features a 2000Wh LiFePO4 battery and various DC and continuous AC output of 2000W. Highly suited as an emergency provision while also being ideal for use around the house, camping or travelling.

Multi Outlets of DC & AC Output

AC200P has total 13 various outlests: 2x 2000W AC, 1x USB-C, 2x Wireless, 4x USB-A, 3x DC 12V, 1x 12V/5A RV. With the variety of DC and AC outlets, the AC200P can charge up to 13 devices simultaneously. You can use it to charge various electronic products (such as smartphone, tablet, laptop, camera, etc.) or to power various electric appliances with rated power under 2000W (such as household appliances like LED light, TV, mini fridge and various electric tools).

Flexible Five Recharging

Way AC200P can be recharged by wall socket, solar panel, 12V/24V car cigarette lighter, gasoline/diesel generator and lead-acid batteries. With the built in MPPT solar charging controller AC200P can offer a high charging efficiency up to 20% and max. 700W charging power when it is recharged by solar panels. Besides, it supports fast dual-way charging input: AC adapter + solar panel/AC adapter (purchase separately). only 2 hours to charge full.


The compact and lightweight design make the AC200P perfect to be used at home, in campervan or on a camping trip. AC200P could run the most of your essential outdoor appliances and electronics such as blenders, ice coolers, radios, projectors, and more. What’s more, AC200P is also a perfect home backup power supply system for emergency. Along with a reliable PV panel, it’s an amazing way to support you in an emergency or during prolonged power outages.

User Friendly Touch LCD Screen

The AC200P has a smart touchable LCD screen which can display real-time current, voltage, power, temperature and charging status. Users can independently alter the output voltage, frequency, charging mode, etc.

Our unique “Bluetti ECO” mode can prevent up to 50% of wasted electricity loss. The unit will automatically power down when the load is lower than 50W for 4 hours, just in case you forget to turn it off.

Gas Generator VS Battery Generator

Get away from noise and fumes of traditional gas-powered generator. Our power stations integrate with circuits in your house directly for seamless backup power.

The Bluetti AC200P is designed to act on those issues directly by replacing traditional gas generators, removing the need to maintain a noisy, high maintenance, carbon monoxide polluting machine.

Note: Bluetti Generator AC200P is your best choice for indoor and outdoor use. The large 2000Wh capacity supports power usage less than 2000W, which can meet the needs of most electrical appliances in daily life.