Top 7 Camp Sites in Edinburgh

top 7 camp sites in Edinburgh

Camping in Edinburgh

Edinburgh is a city that effortlessly blends history and nature, offering visitors a unique experience. The city boasts an intriguing mix of ancient and modern, with its historic Old Town and elegant New Town coexisting harmoniously, which makes Edinburgh a proper place to enjoy camping. In this comprehensive guide, we will introduce you to the beauty of Edinburgh campsites, highlight the top 7 camping in Edinburgh, provide guidance on how to book a camp, and offer essential tips on preparing for your camping adventure.

Top 7 Campsites in Edinburgh

  1. Mortonhall Caravan and Camping Park

Mortonhall Caravan and Camping Park is a serene and well-maintained site just a few miles from Edinburgh's city centre. Surrounded by mature trees and offering a range of camping options, this park is a favourite among travellers looking to balance city exploration with outdoor adventure.

  1. Lothian Motorhome Hire

you're looking for a campervan experience in the heart of Edinburgh, Lothian Motorhome Hire provides a convenient solution. Campers can enjoy the freedom to explore the city and its surroundings while having all the comforts of home on wheels.

  1. Drum Mohr Caravan Park

Nestled in the picturesque countryside just outside Edinburgh, Drum Mohr Caravan Park offers a tranquil escape. It's a family-friendly site with modern facilities and spacious pitches, making it an excellent choice for those seeking a peaceful camping experience.

  1. Blinkbonny Wood

Located in the scenic Midlothian region, Blinkbonny Wood is a delightful forest campsite that offers an immersive experience in nature. It's ideal for those who want to explore the woodlands, enjoy long walks, and experience the tranquillity of the countryside.

  1. Carr's Hill

Carr's Hill is a hidden gem outside Edinburgh. It's a basic and rustic campsite that provides an authentic camping experience, allowing you to connect with the great outdoors truly.

  1. Blackadder Caravan Park

Situated in the picturesque Scottish Borders, Blackadder Caravan Park is a well-equipped campsite with a tranquil setting, perfect for a peaceful getaway. It's also conveniently located for exploring both Edinburgh and the surrounding countryside.

  1. Silverdyke Park

Located in the beautiful Fife region, Silverdyke Park is an excellent choice for those who want to combine camping with exploring the stunning coastal areas of Scotland. This campsite offers modern facilities and is an ideal base for visiting Edinburgh and its neighbouring attractions.

These campsites offer a unique camping experience, from city-based adventures to rural escapes. When planning your trip to Edinburgh, consider the location and facilities that best suit your preferences and interests.

How to Book a Campsite in Edinburgh?

When booking a camping sites near Edinburgh, several options are available to ensure a hassle-free experience. Here are some critical steps to follow:

Research and Choose Your Campsite

Before booking, thoroughly research the campsites mentioned above and any others that pique your interest. Consider the location, facilities, and reviews from previous campers to find a camp that aligns with your preferences.

Booking Platforms

There are various booking platforms you can use to reserve your campsite like Meadowhead, Pitchup, Hipcamp, and the Caravan Club. These websites offer comprehensive information on campsite options in and around Edinburgh, making finding and booking the perfect spot easy.

Booking Window

To secure your preferred campsite and dates, booking well in advance is essential, especially during peak camping season. Campsites can fill up quickly, so consider booking several months ahead to avoid disappointment. The specific booking window can vary from one camp to another, so check their policies.

Payment and Confirmation

Once you've selected a campsite and provided your details, you must make a payment to confirm your reservation. Ensure you receive a booking confirmation that includes all the essential information about your stay, such as check-in and check-out times, campsite rules, and contact details in case of inquiries.

How to Prepare for Camping in Edinburgh?

Camping sites Edinburgh scotland requires some preparation to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable experience. Here are some essential tips and a special mention of the BLUETTI AC180 Portable Power Station for a convenient camping setup.

Camping Essentials

  • Tents and Sleeping Gear: Choose a suitable tent and bring sleeping bags, mattresses, and pillows to ensure a good night's sleep.
  • Clothing: Pack clothing suitable for the season, including waterproof and warm layers. It's Scotland, so be prepared for varying weather conditions.
  • Cooking Equipment: Carry a portable stove, cookware, and kitchen utensils. Remember to pack food supplies.
  • Lighting: Headlamps, flashlights, and lanterns are essential for navigating the campsite in the dark.
  • First Aid Kit: Be prepared for minor injuries with a basic kit that includes bandages, antiseptics, and pain relievers.
  • Maps and Navigation Tools: Ensure you have maps of the area, a compass, and a GPS device or app to navigate the surroundings.

BLUETTI AC180 Portable Power Station

The BLUETTI AC180 Portable Power Station is a valuable addition to your camping gear. It ensures you have a reliable power source for your devices, lighting, and other camping equipment, enhancing the convenience and comfort of your camping experience. Whether you need to charge your smartphone, power your campsite lighting, or run essential appliances, the BLUETTI AC180 covers you.

power pretty much everything

Key Features:

  • 1,800W AC Output / 2,700W Power Lifting Mode: The BLUETTI AC180 offers robust power capacity to run various devices and appliances.
  • 1,152Wh Larger Capacity: A high-capacity battery can keep your devices powered for extended periods.
  • 9 Output Ports for Multiple Devices: Charge or power multiple devices simultaneously, including phones, laptops, and camping equipment.
  • Flexible 4 Recharging Ways (AC/Solar/Car/Generator): Recharge the power station using various sources, ensuring you stay powered even in remote locations.
  • Smart Control & Monitor with BLUETTI App: Easily monitor and control your power usage with the BLUETTI app, providing convenience and efficiency.
  • 0-80% Recharging in 45 Minutes with 1,440W AC Input: A fast recharging time ensures you spend less time waiting for power.
  • Eco-friendly/Clean/Quiet/Cost-effective: The BLUETTI AC180 is a green energy solution, making it an eco-conscious choice for campers.
go green live sustainable

Additional Tips for Camping in Edinburgh

  • Respect Nature: Edinburgh's natural beauty is a treasure to protect. Always follow Leave No Trace principles, respecting the environment and leaving the campsite as you found it.
  • Weather Preparedness: Scotland is known for unpredictable weather, so be prepared for rain, wind, and cold temperatures. Pack waterproof clothing and extra layers.
  • Campfire Safety: If campfires are allowed at your chosen campsite, follow local regulations and ensure you have the necessary tools and equipment for safe campfire cooking.
  • Local Cuisine: Take advantage of the opportunity to savour local cuisine while camping. Edinburgh has a thriving food scene, with various traditional and contemporary dishes.

Warm Tips to Enjoy Camping in Edinburgh

Camping in Edinburgh offers a unique experience, and with some warm tips, you can make the most of your adventure:

  • Immerse Yourself in the Culture: Take time to explore the city's cultural richness. Visit historic sites, museums, and galleries to learn about Edinburgh's fascinating history.
  • Scenic Drives: Edinburgh and its surroundings offer some breathtaking scenic drives. Consider taking a road trip to enjoy the stunning landscapes of the Scottish countryside.
  • Hiking and Outdoor Activities: The hills and trails around Edinburgh are perfect for hiking and outdoor adventures. Be sure to bring suitable gear for hiking and exploring the beautiful Scottish landscape.
  • Local Events: Check for local events, festivals, and markets during your visit. These can add a touch of local flavour to your camping experience.
  • Local Wildlife: Scotland is home to diverse wildlife. Watch for birds, deer, and other creatures during your outdoor excursions.


Camping in Edinburgh offers a remarkable blend of cultural exploration and natural beauty. With many campsites, ranging from urban to rural locations, you can tailor your camping experience to your preferences. From the city's historic charm to the Scottish countryside's rugged landscapes, campsites near Edinburgh city centre has it all.

As you plan your camping adventure, book your campsite well in advance, pack the necessary camping essentials, and consider adding the BLUETTI AC180 Portable Power Station to your gear for a reliable power source. With these preparations, you can fully enjoy the enchanting city of Edinburgh and its stunning surroundings while revelling in the convenience and comfort of modern camping.

So, pack your bags, embrace the Scottish spirit, and embark on an unforgettable camping journey in the captivating city of Edinburgh.

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