Best 6 Campsites in Skegness with Electric Hook-Up

campsites in skegness with electric hook up

In this comprehensive article, we will explore the campsites in Skegness with electric hookups and their numerous advantages. We will also discuss the alternative of campsites without electric hook-ups, highlighting the challenges campers might face.

What Are Campsites with Electric Hook-Up?

Campsites in Skegness with electric hook-up, often called electric pitches or electric hook-up (EHU) sites, are campgrounds that supply electricity to campers at their designated pitches or campsites. This electrical connection allows campers to power various devices and appliances, ensuring a more comfortable and convenient camping experience.

Electric hook-up points typically feature standard UK three-pin sockets (BS 1363) and can provide varying levels of electrical power, often measured in amps. Campers can plug in and use their tents, caravans, or motorhomes as they would at home, running everything from lighting and heating to kitchen appliances and electronic gadgets.

Advantages of Campsites with Electric Hook-Up

Campsites with electric hook-ups offer several advantages that can significantly enhance the camping experience:

Comfort and Convenience: Access to electricity allows campers to charge their devices, use electric stoves and kettles, and run lighting and heating systems. It makes the camping experience more comfortable, especially during colder seasons.

Extended Stay: Electric hook-up sites enable campers to develop their camping trips by keeping essential equipment and devices operational, allowing them to stay longer outdoors.

Family-Friendly: Families with young children often find electric hook-up sites more accommodating, as they can easily power devices like baby monitors, charge electronic devices for entertainment, and prepare meals without relying on open fires.

Health and Safety: Having electricity on-site can improve safety by reducing the need for open flames or lanterns, making it easier to navigate the campsite at night, and decreasing the risk of accidents.

Cooking and Food Preservation: Electric hook-ups enable campers to cook meals using electric appliances and refrigerate perishable foods, making it easier to enjoy various meals while camping.

Lighting: Campers can use electric lighting for better visibility in their tents or outdoor areas, enhancing the overall camping experience and creating a cozy ambiance.

Device Charging: Charging electronic devices allows campers to stay connected, access navigation tools, and make emergency calls if needed.

Entertainment: Access to electricity means campers can bring electronic joy, such as portable speakers, laptops, or TVs, to make evenings around the campfire more enjoyable.

Off-Season Camping: Electric hook-up sites make camping in colder seasons more viable, as campers can power heaters and electric blankets to stay warm.

Campsites in Skegness with Electric Hook-Up

Campsites near Skegness, with its stunning coastline and picturesque landscapes, offer a variety of campsites with electric hook-up options for those seeking a more comfortable and convenient camping experience. Some popular camps in the area that provide electric hook-up facilities include:

Skegness Sands Holiday Park

Skegness Sands Holiday Park, located in Skegness, Lincolnshire, is a family-friendly camping destination with electric hook-up facilities to enhance your camping experience. The park boasts a variety of amenities, including modern shower and toilet facilities, a well-stocked shop, and a children's play area.

You can choose from a range of pitches, including electric hook-ups, making it convenient for campers who want to power their essential devices and enjoy the comforts of electricity during their stay. Skegness Sands is ideally situated for exploring the attractions of Skegness and the beautiful Lincolnshire coastline.

Vickers Point Caravan and Campsite

Vickers Point Caravan and Campsite is in Chapel St Leonards, near Skegness, Lincolnshire. This tranquil campsite offers electric hook-up pitches in a serene coastal setting. Whether you're camping in a tent, caravan, or motorhome, Vickers Point provides well-maintained facilities and easy access to the beach, making it an excellent choice for those seeking a peaceful and natural camping experience. The electric hook-up facilities ensure that you can enjoy the convenience of electricity while still being close to nature.

Beachcomber Holiday Park

Located in Cleethorpes, near Skegness, Lincolnshire, Beachcomber Holiday Park is a delightful camping destination offering electric hook-up options. The campsite provides a range of amenities and activities, including an indoor swimming pool, family-friendly entertainment, and a bar and restaurant.

With electric hook-ups available, campers can enjoy the comforts of home while exploring the attractions of Skegness and the surrounding areas. Whether in a tent or caravan, Beachcomber offers a variety of pitch options to suit your needs.

Seacroft Caravan Club Site

Seacroft Caravan Club Site is situated in Seacroft, near Skegness, Lincolnshire. As a Caravan Club site, it's a well-maintained camping destination that offers electric hook-up facilities. The campsite is located close to the beach, providing campers with easy access to the coastline and its stunning views. With electric hook-up pitches, you can power your essential devices and enjoy a comfortable camping experience. Seacroft is an ideal choice for those looking for a peaceful coastal retreat.

Millfield Caravan Park

Millfield Caravan Park is located in Ingoldmells, near Skegness, Lincolnshire. This campsite offers a range of amenities and electric hook-up pitches for campers. The facilities at Millfield include a modern shower and toilet block, a shop, and a well-maintained camping area.

Whether camping in a tent or caravan, the availability of electric hook-up makes it convenient to power your devices, appliances, and lighting during your stay. Millfield Caravan Park is a welcoming destination for campers looking to explore the attractions of Skegness and its surroundings.

Golden Palm Resort

Golden Palm Resort is in Chapel St Leonards, campsites near skegness, Lincolnshire. This family-friendly resort offers electric hook-up pitches and a wide range of entertainment options for campers. The resort features an indoor pool, amusements, bars, restaurants, and evening entertainment, ensuring there's always something to do. With electric hook-up facilities, campers can enjoy a comfortable and convenient camping experience. Whether in a motorhome or caravan, Golden Palm Resort provides various pitch options to suit your needs.

What If Campsites in Skegness Without Electric Hook-Up?

While campsites near Skegness with electric hook-ups offer numerous advantages, some campers may prefer or find themselves at camps without this feature. Campsites without electric hook-ups may be more rustic and offer a more back-to-basics camping experience. However, there are several challenges associated with camping at sites without electricity:

Limited Comfort: Camping without electricity means campers must rely on manual cooking methods, which can be less convenient. Also, they may need to use torches, lanterns, or campfires for lighting and heating.

Reduced Device Charging: Campers at sites without electric hook-ups may need help to keep their electronic devices charged, which can be inconvenient, especially in emergencies or for staying connected.

Shorter Stays: The lack of electricity can limit the duration of camping trips, as perishable foods may spoil without refrigeration, and heating options for colder seasons may need to be improved.

Limited Entertainment: Campers at sites without electric hook-ups have fewer options for entertainment, as they cannot power electronic gadgets, making evenings less enjoyable.

Weather Dependency: Campers at non-electric sites may depend more on favorable weather conditions, as they lack electric heating and cooling options.


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