Everything You Need to Know about Solar Panels for Sheds

solar panels for shed

With solar panels for sheds, you can power a shed more sustainably and without having to deal with the messy and expensive process of burying cables underneath. In this case, installing solar panels on your sheds is a wise choice. But can you put solar panels on your shed roof? Does it need any permission? How many solar panels do you need and what solar panel size should you choose to power your shed? This blog will answer your doubts.

Here, we'll look at how to power sheds with modest solar panels and how to use an outbuilding's roof to give a house clean, renewable energy.

Benefits of Solar Panels for Sheds

Depending on the size and location of your shed, solar panels, and a portable power station to convert and store the sunlight you capture may represent a large upfront cost.

But installing a solar panel system for your shed can pay you big time in the long term. You can transform a soggy, dark storage area into a peaceful retreat where you can work, create, and unwind.

Installing solar panels can reduce the cost of both your electricity and the underground cabling needed to bring grid power to your shed roof solar panels. Over time, a solar power system can offer a great return on investment.

  • Cost Savings on Electricity Bills
  • You won't have to pay for electricity once your shed is equipped with solar power. You use renewable, free energy to power your devices, appliances, and lights. You can recover your initial solar investment and get rid of your electricity bills.

    Although there won't be an instant payback, your savings may be sooner than you expect if you consider how much electricity you use in your shed and the additional advantages of having power.

    • Environmentally Friendly Energy Generation

    Digging a hole in your yard and putting in heavy cables are necessary when running electricity from your house to the shed. Installing solar power provides clean, fossil fuel-free, off-grid energy, saving you both time and money. The outcome is sustainable energy that is good for the environment and for you.

  • Increased Property Value
  • Installing photovoltaic panels in your shed also raises the total value of your house. As soon as the panels are placed, you may start building new equity in your house.

  • Charge Electric Vehicles
  • You can put a solar installation on your shed to recharge your electric car if you possess one. Although you cannot directly connect your PV solar panels to your automobile, you can charge your electric vehicle (EV) using a portable power station or other balance of the system.

    Locating a charging station in town may not be as convenient as having an EV power solution in your shed. Over time, it can save you both money and time.

    Can You Put A Solar Panel on A Shed?

    Can I put solar panels on my shed roof? Sheds are among the options that many homeowners are considering for grid-connected solar array installation sites in light of the recent spikes in electricity and energy bills.

    It goes without saying that the structure needs to be sturdy enough to withstand any wind lift that may occur, in addition to the added weight of installing solar panels and any snow loads that may be placed on it during the winter.

    We're not talking about little sheds here; a typical 16 amp installation would need roughly nine solar PV panels in order to provide green energy to a residence. Consider something more akin to single garage-sized workshop sheds or garden offices with a mono-pitch roof. Given that it can be a temporary structure, it is also possible to build it with the roof oriented more towards the south.

    However, adding solar panels to power the shed is another story. They frequently generate less electricity and are typically smaller. They can be an excellent choice if you plan to use the electricity solely for lighting a shed or other outbuilding. Still, a grid system could be preferable if you need to power heavy machinery or anything else that uses a lot of electricity.

    How Much Electricity Can Solar Panels for Sheds Generate?

    The number of solar panels, roof orientation, and panel performance all affect how much electricity a solar PV system mounted on solar panels on a shed roof can produce.

    The amount of solar panels that can be mounted on a shed roof is usually limited because it is typically smaller than the roof of the house it is attached to. There's a strong chance the solar panels might supply the majority of the energy needed inside your shed if it's not too big. Therefore, power tools and other electrical equipment that are plugged into your shed can run on free, renewable energy. It would save installation costs because fewer solar panels would be needed than if you wanted a solar PV system that could provide all of your property's electrical needs.

    As an alternative, electricity from the shed might be directed towards the house via the solar panels. In order to accomplish this, wiring would need to run from the shed to the location of the electricity meter, which is probably the home.

    How Many Solar Panels Would it Take to Power A Shed or Outbuilding?

    It's crucial to comprehend the power of the object you're trying to power while building a solar system for a shed. A maximum of 1,500Wh is the discharge rate that many solar batteries prefer to avoid. You will be forced to limit your use of electricity to low-power devices like computers, lights, and small tools.

    Considering how solar panels function in the winter, any larger tools or heating systems could require an alternative solution.

    Consider this: to run a 1,000W electric radiator for an hour in the evening, you would need to charge the battery to around 1,200W during the day. In order to obtain that power during the peak summer months, you could need to charge a 1,200W system (three to four panels) on your roof for two to three hours; but, in the winter, you wouldn't be able to create that much power in a single day.

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    Best Type of Solar Panels for Sheds: BLUETTI AC200MAX + 3*PV200

    The BLUETTI AC200MAX+3*PV200 | Solar Generator Kit is a powerful and versatile solution for off-grid power needs. With a 2,200W AC pure sine wave inverter and a 4,800W surge capability, it provides reliable and clean energy to run various appliances and devices. The 2,048Wh capacity LiFePO4 battery boasts an impressive 3,500+ life cycles to 80%, ensuring long-lasting performance. What sets this kit apart is its expandable capability, allowing users to increase the storage capacity up to 6,144Wh with 2×B230 or 8,192Wh with 2×B300, offering flexibility for different energy demands.

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    Do You Need Planning Permission for Solar Panels on Shed?

    On a non-permanent structure, planning clearance for solar panels is typically not needed because the structure may have been built under a General Permitted Development Order, generally known as Permitted Development.

    It does not absolve the installation from adhering to all applicable installation safety guidelines and building laws.

    The same guidelines that apply when installing solar panels on a house also apply when placing them in a shed or garden office. In order to minimize the possibility of shading on the panels, it is recommended that the panels face as much south as possible. Additionally, all components of the grid system installation must be carried out by sufficiently qualified and competent individuals.

    FAQs about Solar Panel for Shed

    How many solar panels do I need to power a shed?

    To power a solar panel for shed roof, you will usually need your solar panels to provide at least 400W of rated power. This estimate is based on the size of a typical shed; based on the size of the structure and your electricity consumption requirements, you may require more.

    Is it worth installing solar panels on my shed?

    It is worth the investment to install solar panels on your shed if you want to utilize off-grid power on a regular basis. Although there may be significant upfront fees, you will save money on energy bills and increase the value of your house in the process. Remember to look into any available government subsidies and tax benefits.

    How much power can a solar panel for a shed produce?

    The power output of a consumer solar panel is usually between 100W and 400W. To increase power, you can add more panels, and you can customize the array to meet your demands. Remember that your solar battery can only be charged by your panels for as long as its storage capacity is met. By stacking additional batteries, you can increase your system's storage capacity.


    Some individuals use sheds as places to store outdoor goods and gardening tools. However, it can be much more. Some use it as a lab for their next great invention, a comfortable getaway from the house, a studio for art or building projects, and more. Electricity is all that is required for it to change into any of these.

    When it comes to providing off-grid power options that are both dependable and sustainable, the BLUETTI AC200MAX+3*PV200 | Solar power for shed Generator Kit is a formidable competitor. This package offers shed owners a long-lasting and adaptable solution with its strong inverter, large battery capacity, and effective solar charging feature.

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