How to Get Compensation for A Power Cut in the UK?

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Power cuts can be disruptive and inconvenient, affecting our daily lives and leaving us without essential services. In the United Kingdom, individuals and businesses often wonder if they are entitled to compensation for the inconvenience caused by power cuts. This article explores the various aspects of compensation for power cuts in the UK, examining different scenarios, legal provisions, and potential solutions to mitigate the impact of power outages.

Can You Get Compensation for A Power Cut in the UK?

Facing a disruption in electricity or gas supply can be exasperating, and the potential entitlement to compensation hinges on the duration and the circumstances surrounding the outage. Should the fault lie with your electricity distributor or gas transporter, and the blackout extends for a significant period without prior notification, you have the grounds to initiate a compensation claim.

However, it's essential to discern situations where power cut compensation is not applicable. If the outage is a consequence of actions on your end, such as intentional supply disconnection during maintenance or repairs, a tripped fuse within your property, or non-payment of bills, the eligibility for compensation diminishes. In these instances, the responsibility for the outage rests with the consumer, and seeking compensation becomes untenable.

Navigating the landscape of power outage compensation necessitates carefully evaluating the disruption's circumstances. Being informed about the specific scenarios that warrant compensation ensures a clearer understanding of your rights and remedies in case of an unforeseen power cut.

Check If You Are Entitled to Compensation for A Power Cut

Network companies are responsible for upholding the supply on the grid and rectifying instances of power cuts. When faced with an interruption in your gas or electricity supply, the possibility of entitlement to compensation arises. The quantum of compensation hinges on various factors, including whether the outage was scheduled, its duration, and whether the fault lies with the network company.

For valuable guidance and recommendations on navigating power cuts, the Powercut 105 website serves as a comprehensive resource. It provides insights into the appropriate actions to take during a power cut, aiding individuals in effectively managing the situation.

When the interruption results from a malfunctioning energy meter or depletion of prepayment meter credit, reaching out to your energy supplier becomes crucial. By promptly contacting your energy supplier in such instances, you can address the issue at its source and explore potential resolutions to reinstate your energy supply.

  • Compensation for Power Cuts in Normal Weather

When facing a power outage, your local network company must restore supplies within 24 hours if the disruption impacts more than 5,000 homes due to a single fault.

In the unfortunate event of a prolonged outage lasting 12 hours or more, compensation opportunities arise for both domestic and non-domestic customers. Domestic customers can claim £90, while non-domestic customers are eligible for £175. Furthermore, for every additional 12 hours without supply, an extra £40 compensation can be claimed, with a cumulative cap set at £300.

Beyond individual instances of extended outages, if you experience more than four power cuts in a year, each lasting at least three hours, an additional compensation of £90 is applicable for domestic and non-domestic customers.

  • Compensation for Power Cuts in Severe Weather

The power cut compensation you may receive is contingent upon the severity category of the weather event and the power outage duration.

For Storm Category 1 incidents, where your power is disrupted for 24 hours, you can claim £80. An additional £40 can be claimed for every subsequent 6-hour outage interval, with a maximum compensation limit of £2,000.

In the case of Storm Category 2, if your power remains cut off for 48 hours, you are eligible for an initial compensation of £80. Similar to Category 1, an extra £40 can be claimed for every subsequent 6-hour period of outage, up to the maximum limit of £2,000.

It is essential to note that compensation is not applicable if the power outage results from a disturbance in the national energy supply and is not due to a fault in the network. This distinction underscores the importance of understanding the circumstances under which compensation is granted, ensuring clarity for consumers in weather-related power disruptions.

  • Compensation When Your Gas is Cut Off

Compensation for interruptions to your gas supply varies depending on the nature and duration of the disruption, ensuring consumers are fairly reimbursed for inconveniences caused by planned or unplanned outages.

When your gas supply is affected due to planned works without your network operator's mandated seven days' notice, a compensation claim of at least £40 is applicable. If the scheduled works occur without a five-day notice, the compensation amount stands at £20.

For unforeseen disruptions to your gas supply, a minimum compensation of £60 is granted for every 24 hours without gas. Notably, households on the Priority Services Register may have access to additional payments and provisions, including alternative heating options.

The compensation sum escalates if your gas supply remains off for more than 24 hours, with an increment based on the extended duration of the outage. This tiered approach ensures that consumers are appropriately compensated for prolonged disruptions.

However, it's crucial to be aware that compensation is not applicable if your gas supply is interrupted due to a disturbance in the national energy supply and not due to a fault in the network. This distinction emphasizes the importance of understanding the specific circumstances that warrant compensation, preventing misunderstandings during a gas outage.

  • Can I Get Compensation for A Planned Power Cut?

Distribution providers are mandated to provide a minimum of two days' notice for scheduled power cuts. Failure to adhere to this requirement imposes compensation obligations, with domestic customers eligible for £35 and non-domestic customers entitled to £70. This compensation provision remains applicable if there is an inconsistency between the scheduled day of power interruption and the actual day of disruption, ensuring fair compensation for residential and commercial consumers.

It is crucial to note that these power cut compensation UK guidelines serve as a mechanism to uphold consumer rights and hold distribution providers accountable for any deviations from planned power cut schedules. The ensuing sections delve into the specific steps and actions that consumers can take when faced with non-compliance by their power supply company, offering a comprehensive understanding of the recourse options available.

What If Your Power Supply Didn’t Pay Compensation?

If your power supply didn't compensate the operator, there are established channels for lodging complaints. Begin by utilizing their complaints procedure, typically found on their official website.

If the initial response to your complaint fails to meet your satisfaction, the next step is to contact the citizen portal helpline. This additional layer of recourse ensures that your concerns are thoroughly addressed and provides an avenue for escalation beyond the network operator's internal procedures.

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    Who to Call When There Is A Power Cut?

    Each electricity distribution company has its unique claim procedures. To understand how to initiate a claim, you must reach out directly to your distribution company.

    For all UK distribution companies' comprehensive contact information, Ofgem is a reliable resource. Given that various electricity distribution companies operate in distinct regions, Ofgem allows you to search for contact details based on your specific area, facilitating a targeted and efficient approach to obtaining the necessary information.


    Navigating power cuts in the UK involves understanding your rights to compensation, exploring potential solutions like the BLUETTI Power Station, and being aware of the appropriate channels to report outages. By being informed and prepared, individuals and businesses can minimize the impact of power cuts on their daily lives and operations. Whether seeking power cut compensation UK, investing in backup power solutions, or knowing who to call during an outage, proactive measures can significantly ensure a reliable and uninterrupted power supply.

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