Buying Guide: Solar Generator for Your House

solar generators power homes during storm

Solar energy is the clean and economical energy every house needs to utilise. But many people need to be made aware that several kinds of solar solutions are available. For instance, what your home needs might not be solar panels on the roof but rather a simple solar generator for your house.

The energy from the sun is captured and stored by solar generators, which are portable power stations connected to solar panels. One can be utilised as a portable power source, a home energy reserve, or perhaps both. You do not need to live off the grid to use portable power stations. Even in the city, this useful tool can come in handy in case of a power outage.

Solar generators are efficient and adaptable, but they do require an initial investment. As a result, you might be questioning whether solar generators are worthwhile. Solar generators have no further running costs after you buy the equipment. They also don't have any moving parts, which means less maintenance is required.

Why Are Solar Generators the Best Option as a Backup for the Home?

Because they don't need fuel to generate electricity, solar generators are the greatest alternative for anyone looking to lower their reliance on the grid, deal with blackouts and power outages, and have sustainable and reliable power options in case of emergencies.

A solar-powered backup generator is useful to have on hand for several real-world situations and is good for emergencies. Here are some of the reasons why switching to solar is beneficial:

  • Solar generators provide clean energy.
  • They are low maintenance and easy to use.
  • They save you a lot of money in the long run.
  • They do not produce noise or pollution.
  • They are safe to use even if your kids are around.

What Types of Solar Generators for Houses Exist?

There are several factors to take into account when choosing a solar generator type, including the wattage of the appliances you wish to power, the various fuel types employed, and the generator's power capabilities. Here are some most common generators you can use at home:

Whole House Generators

The whole house generator, sometimes referred to as a home standby generator, can keep your HVAC system running, all of your appliances functioning, and the lights on in an emergency. Some entire home generators come with a backup power source, such as solar energy, to make sure the machine can still work even if your home's fuel supply is lost.

Portable Generators

A portable generator has several applications despite being smaller in size. These generators will be less expensive than whole-house generators, and although some types run on gasoline or propane, the solar ones are the best and most sustainable. You must plug each appliance or tool into an outlet on the generator.

solar generator for house keeps electricity on during storm

How Does a Solar Generator Work?

When sunlight hits photovoltaic solar panels, a solar generator generates energy. This energy travels through the generator's charge controller to its battery bank for power storage, allowing the power to be used now or later, through the generator's inverter, and if you use a power transfer kit, directly to your home's electric panel. In order to create AC power that can be used in your home, a solar generator must first convert sunlight into this form of energy.

It is simple to install portable solar panels in a sunny garden, preferably with a south-facing orientation for maximum sunlight collecting, and then all that is required to charge the generator is to plug the panels into the generator. You may produce electricity to use now or store it for later use when you combine solar panels and a generator. This is all possible with BLUETTI solar generators, which feature the latest technology that can fit in every home.

Powering the electronic equipment and appliances in your home with solar energy is a cost-effective option. Unlike gas generators, which need to be regularly refueled, there are no further costs after the generator and solar panels are purchased and installed.

How Do I Connect My Solar Generator to My House?

In the event of a blackout or partial grid failure, for instance, you would be without power if you largely relied on the grid to deliver electricity to your home. A solar generator would be quite helpful in this situation. A solar generator can serve as a dependable source of electricity during emergencies and power outages when connected with one or more solar panels.

To connect a solar generator to your house you need an electric panel. You will require the proper equipment and supplies, such as adequate power cords and transfer switches, to create the connection. You do not need to buy a charge controller or power inverter separately to power electronic gadgets and devices because solar generators already have these components built in.

What Size of a Solar Generator Do You Need to Run a House?

The answer to this question depends on what kind of solar generator for your house you have, and how much energy you need. Knowing how much power your house needs will help you decide what kind of equipment you need to run the entire house.

If your goal is to only use small appliances when the power is out or when you are spending time outside, you can use a solar generator kit of smaller capacity. These kit consists of small solar panels you can install in your backyard and a portable power station. The kits includes built-in rechargeable batteries and other accessories you might need, especially if you are a beginner on a solar journey.

For more advanced use, BLUETTI AC500 + B300S Home Battery Backup is an ideal option. It will help you store a huge amount of energy that will most certainly feel unlimited, whether it is used during a power outage or for an outdoor trip and life off the grid. This inverter provides high-quality pure sine wave output and can handle surges of up to 10kW, guaranteeing that everything you plug in will operate at its maximum potential.

You can always recharge your AC500 system no matter where you are. The outstanding input rate of the AC500 system is up to 8,000W when the solar panels and wall outlet are connected. The system will be ready when you are if you charge it before a power outage.

If we calculate 3Wh of electricity per day in a household emergency here is how much power you need for an average home:

  • 3,072Wh 1 day
  • 6,144Wh 2 days
  • 12,288Wh 4 days
  • 18,432Wh 6 days

How Do I Pick the Best Solar Generator for My Needs?

Knowing what you want from a solar generator will help you find the finest one for your needs. Finding out how much electricity your solar generator needs to produce in a certain amount of time is an excellent place to start.

For instance, you could wish to invest in a solar generator that would supplement the current power source in your home. If so, you could figure out how much energy your devices use over a specific period of time in order to determine how long you want them to be able to power you.

While looking for a solar generator, there may be other variables that are crucial to you. You might, for instance, reside in a neighbourhood where excessive noise is a problem. If so, you might want to search for solar generators with low noise output although they are already virtually silent when compared to gas generators.

Solar generator for your house powering neighborhood homes

Why Choose a BLUETTI Solar Generator?

For buyers with varying requirements, portable solar generators for houses might be a wise investment. Nevertheless, there are a few circumstances where getting one makes the most sense.

You Need a Home Backup Power Supply

To support their home's energy system, some people decide to purchase solar generators as a backup in the event that the power to their home is lost.

Remember that solar generator batteries aren't designed to run a full house continuously for extended periods of time. If you receive one, simply plan to use it as a temporary fix while waiting for your electricity to be restored.

You Utilise a Lot of Power-Consuming Outdoor Equipment

When used on the go, BLUETTI portable solar generators perform at their best. While camping or taking part in a multi-day outdoor trip, they enable you to use appliances and recharge your outdoor equipment.

The best part is that, as long as the sun is shining, the portable solar panels on your generator will always be able to produce extra energy for you to consume, so you never have to worry about running out of fuel.

You Want to Help Make the World a Better Place.

If you have a strong commitment to protecting the environment, solar generators are another excellent item to purchase. They provide a far cleaner alternative to conventional energy-producing techniques, thus using one can help you fight climate change.

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