What is The Average Bill For A Two Bed Flat?

average bill for 2 bed flat

In today's fast-paced world, the cost of energy consumption is a significant concern for individuals and households. One of the essential aspects of managing household expenses is understanding and controlling the average electricity bill for 2 bedroom apartment, especially for properties like a two-bedroom flat. This article delves into various factors affecting energy bills and the components of a dual fuel energy tariff and explores ways to optimize the average energy bill for a 2-bed flat.

Dual Fuel Energy Tariff

To comprehend the dynamics of the average gas bill for 2 bedroom house in the UK for a two-bedroom flat, it's crucial to grasp the concept of a dual fuel energy tariff. Dual fuel refers to using a single energy provider for gas and electricity services. Many energy suppliers offer dual fuel tariffs as a convenient and often cost-effective solution for consumers.

Choosing a dual fuel energy tariff provides several advantages, including streamlined billing processes, potential cost savings, and simplified management of energy consumption. By bundling gas and electricity services from a single provider, consumers can enjoy the convenience of a unified billing system, making monitoring and controlling their overall energy expenses easier.

Average Gas And Electricity Bill For A Two-Bed Flat

In the UK, the average electricity bill for a 2-person household UK is roughly £336.20 plus a fee of £85. A two-bedroom apartment's average gas bill is about £253.60, with a standing charge of £95. It indicates that the expenses for a two-bedroom flat come to about £769.80.

Therefore, it would be worthwhile to consider changing suppliers if your monthly payments exceed £800. Since your average gas and electricity usage will remain constant regardless of the supplier you choose, your energy company will typically set your bills. That £800-ish payment, however, can significantly drop if you can adjust your energy usage and use less.

Electricity Bill for A Two-Bed Flat

A two-bedroom flat will require about 2, 000 kWh of electricity annually. It equals £336.20 for the entire year or slightly more than £28 monthly. There aren't many savings here as this is somewhat less than a modest residence's typical energy cost.

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Upon adding this to the fairly standard standing charge of £85 annually, the total amount of average electricity usage for a 2-bed flat with no gas will receive for the year is £421.20. It can be much lower if you can receive power in your area at a lower price, but doing so requires typically switching to a fixed rate plan, which is the most popular. Except for this, investment a battery storage is a better choice. It helps you store electricity at a lower price and you will use the electricity when the price is expensive. Therefore, you can reduce your electricity bills. If you are thinking about the expensive investment in the battery, there is good news the UK government extended the relief on VAT on battery storage with or without solar.

reduce electricity on battery

If you live in a flat, your typical monthly utility expense will be significantly less than that of a house with three or four bedrooms. You'll notice an increase in electricity, but if you use a lot of energy, you must consider how much you are using.

Gas Bill for A Two-Bed Flat

Your average monthly utility bill will be substantially lower in a flat than in a home with three or four bedrooms if you live there. You'll notice an increase in electricity, but you should also consider how much gas you consume if you consume a lot of energy.

When the standing fees are included, the total comes to £348.60. For a two-bedroom apartment, gas and electric prices are relatively inexpensive. Most individuals will find that their gas bill is slightly less than their electric bill, but this depends on whether or not they use gas heating in the first place. Although electric heaters are often more expensive than their gas counterparts, they are unquestionably better for the environment.

Am I Paying Too Much On My Bills?

It is a common question that many individuals ask themselves when confronted with seemingly high energy bills. To determine whether one is paying too much for a two-bedroom flat's gas and electricity bills, it's essential to compare their consumption patterns with regional averages and industry benchmarks.

This average has helped determine whether your gas and electricity expenditures are excessive. The big six providers, usually a little more expensive than some other less costly possibilities, are averaged here. Thus, moving to a different energy provider could save even more money.

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A two-bed flat isn't all that different from a one-bed flat. Naturally, this will also depend on how much energy you consume in your home overall. A one-bedroom apartment occupied by a couple who spend their days watching TV, doing their laundry, and keeping lights on will cost more than a two-bedroom apartment occupied by individuals who work during the day.

Another option is to select a tariff type other than the typical one. The Economy 7 tariff, which is more expensive during the day but significantly less costly at night, can be a viable option for regular 9 to 5 employees. Switching to this type of tariff, for instance, would make sense for households with students.

How Do You Reduce Electricity Bills For A Two-Bedroom Flat?

Whether one is paying too much on their energy bills leads us to explore practical ways to reduce electricity bills for a two-bedroom flat. One innovative solution gaining attention in energy efficiency is the BLUETTI EP500Pro.

BLUETTI EP500Pro: A Game-Changing Power Solution

The BLUETTI EP500Pro is a movable power station designed to revolutionize how individuals manage and consume energy. With a robust 5120Wh LiFePO4 battery, offering 3500+ cycles to 80% capacity, this power station provides a sustainable and reliable energy source.

Key features of the BLUETTI EP500Pro include:

3000W Pure Sine Wave Output: Delivering clean and stable power, the EP500Pro ensures the smooth operation of various electronic devices and appliances.

Movable Power Station: The portability of the EP500Pro allows users to position it strategically, optimizing energy distribution within a two-bedroom flat.

In-grid UPS Mode & Flexible UPS Mode (24/7): The EP500Pro integrates with the existing power grid, serving as an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) for continuous energy availability.

Off-grid Energy Storage: In scenarios where off-grid energy is required, the EP500Pro is a reliable energy storage solution, ensuring a consistent power supply.

Multiple Devices Can Be Loaded Simultaneously: With numerous output ports, the EP500Pro accommodates the simultaneous charging of various devices, making it a versatile power hub.

Flexible Recharging Way to Keep Your EP500Pro Always On: The EP500Pro supports various recharging methods, including solar panels, ensuring continuous energy availability and reducing dependence on traditional grid power.

App Remote Control & Smart Touchscreen: The convenience of remote control through a dedicated app and an intuitive touchscreen interface enhances the user experience, allowing for effortless monitoring and control.

bluetti ep500pro

By incorporating the BLUETTI EP500Pro into the energy management strategy of a two-bedroom flat, individuals can take significant strides toward reducing electricity bills. The versatility and efficiency of this power station make it a valuable investment for those looking to optimize energy consumption and embrace sustainable power solutions.


Managing a two-bedroom flat's average electric bill UK 2 bed flat requires a multifaceted approach that encompasses awareness, efficiency, and innovation. Understanding the components of a dual fuel energy tariff, analyzing average gas and electricity bills, and exploring ways to reduce electricity bills are integral aspects of effective energy management.

The BLUETTI EP500Pro emerges as a game-changing solution, offering a blend of portability, reliability, and sustainability. As individuals seek to make informed decisions about their energy consumption, incorporating advanced technologies like the EP500Pro can contribute to a more sustainable and cost-effective energy future.

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