SSE Power Cut: How to Find Out & How to Deal with It?

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The SSE power cut can be due to climatic conditions or a power failure in your area. Power cuts that are planned are generally resolved within a short span of time. While unplanned power cuts can take much longer to restore the electricity. Now, these power cuts can be frustrating if you are not ready to tackle the situation. It can be a serious situation for many users, especially those who have medical machines running in their homes.

SSE power cuts can be easily reported, tracked, and preventable within a few hours but if not, the user gets sufficient compensation. That being said, the inconvenience experienced by the user during the power cut can be very frustrating. Hence, having a battery backup can be a reliable solution for emergency power supply needs. And for your information, in this post, we are specifically going to talk about dealing with SSE power cuts and how to deal with them.


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How do I Find Out If there is A Power Cut in SSE?

Accidents do happen with the electric grid and sometimes to fix the issue, a power cut is needed to be done. Now, to find out if there is an SSE power cut, firstly check out if your neighbor’s power (if an SSE consumer too) is also out. If the street lights are also off, there is a power cut in your area.

Another effective way to check if there’s a power cut in your area is by tracking the SSE Power Tracker app. This app is constantly updated with the SSE power cut map. Now, if the SSE power cut map shows that there is no such issue in your area and also, if your neighbor’s power is on, then there is a strong possibility that there could be a failure with your switches or fuses themselves.

SSE Power Cut Map

What to do If I have A Power Cut in SSE?

Well, in such a case where you get to experience unexpected powercuts and have no clue when will it be back, then here are some quick and useful tips to follow if you are facing an SSE power cut:

  • First things first, contact the SSE emergency number: 03457 643 643, it is reachable 24x7 hours to report an SSE power cut.
  • Unplug sensitive appliances such as TVs, computers, irons, hair straighteners, etc.
  • Keep your torches handy if needed.
  • Avoid unnecessarily opening the refrigerator or freezer to protect the stored food’s freshness.
  • Prevent using your phones and laptop to save battery backup.
  • Leave a light switched on so you know when power is restored.
  • Ensure your neighbor and family are comfortable and safe.
  • Monitor your pets and provision them so they don’t frighten you in the dark.
  • Make sure to stay hydrated, without electricity, you may sweat a lot if the atmosphere is hot outside. So be sure to drink the necessary fluids at regular intervals to stay hydrated.
  • Make sure your medical equipment has a battery backup and contact your doctor for further help.


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What Causes SSE Power Cut?

There are several possibilities that can result in power cuts. It can be due to some faults in the power station or perhaps, the electricity transmission lines may have been damaged. Some malfunction or short circuit at substation or perhaps, fuse or circuit breaker operation can be prime reasons behind the SSE Power cuts.

Furthermore, you need to be sure if the power cut is in your entire area or just in your house. So do check with your neighbor, if their power is on, you must understand the SSE power cut is not in your area. Instead, the fault is in your house itself. Maybe the trip switch has tripped or the fuse is blown. In case your trip switch is on, turn it off and on it again. If nothing happens, push the test button. If electricity is coming to your house, the switch will trip, and if not, the switch will not get tripped. Also, the power cut can happen either due to a faulty appliance that is plugged into power outlets or the faulty wiring is causing failure to the main switch.

How to Report A Power Cut in SSE?

To report the SSE power cut, contact the Emergency services number - 03457 643 643. They deal 24 hours and 7 days a week on power failure issues. You can also physically visit their office or post them a letter at: NIE Networks, 120 Malone Road, Belfast, BT9 5HT

What is the Compensation for Power Cut in SSE?

In the majority of cases, the SSE power cut does not last for long. If the power cut is prolonged, the SSE’s specialized teams provide hot food and drinks provision to its affected customers. Compensation in SSE is governed by Ofgem – a regulator set for power loss. Ofgem offers clear guidelines for those who didn’t receive the network supply service. The affected domestic as well as non-domestic user is eligible for £70 and a maximum of up to £700 compensation if the power is not restored for up to 48 hours.

How to Deal with SSE Power Cut Next Time?

To be more versatile in dealing with Power cuts next time, you can either make use of inverters or switch to green energy to store the power for emergency needs. In our opinion, green energy is the better and more sustainable way to power your homes and business areas without harming nature. To help you with that, the all-in-one BLUETTI AC500 + B300S Home Battery Backup is the most effective and suitable device. It can be easily recharged and delivers optimal performance on the go. Moreover, you can connect it with a supported solar panel to effortlessly recharge it and make the best of the green energy generated whenever you want to. The BLUETTI AC500 + B300S Home Battery Backup is a highly useful yet smart device.

Here are some of its key features:

  • It is capable of delivering 5000W continuous pure sine output power.
  • It can also bear up to 10kW surge demand for a short span of time at peak power.
  • It can easily be recharged via 6 varied mediums, be it via AC, Generator, Car, Lead Battery, Solar, or Dual Charging (i.e. AC+Solar).
  • The intuitive BLUETTI app enables you to control everything and monitor real-time power consumption.
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People Also Ask about SSE Power Cut

What is the phone number for SSE power cuts?

For SSE power cuts, the emergency contact number is 03457 643 643.

Is there An SSE App for Power Cuts?

Yes, there is an SSE app for power cuts named – Power Tracker. You can easily find this app on the Google Play Store, App Store, and Windows Phone Store.

Is SSE still Available?

Yes, the SSE is available 24 hours and 7 days a week to report SSE power cut-related queries. Also, you can either contact them using their emergency phone number available on their website or, you can post them a letter to the NIE Networks office (address available on the website too).

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Final Words

Power cuts can happen due to climatic conditions or your home appliances’ failures. During the SSE power cut, you can directly dial the emergency number and solve your queries. Facing a power cut can be difficult but requires some essential steps to follow as we’ve discussed in the article above. If you are experiencing frequent power failures, you can always opt for the BLUETTI Home Battery Backup solution as an alternative power supply for your home and office. The BLUETTI Home battery backup can be a sustainable and effective choice for most users.

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