[Buyer's Guide]Best Standby Generator for Home

standby generator for home

In the case of power outages and emergency situations, the only thing you can rely on is a standby generator. It becomes the only hope that can keep your house functional.

You can run a business without any hassle with the constant power source. But when it comes to picking up the right and the best standby generator for home use in the UK, many just go blank.

With the many choices of standby generators on the market, it is tough to know which one to purchase. That’s why we decided to prepare this comprehensive guide so your home never runs out of power.

1. What is A Generator?

Generators are the backup solution to power your home and business owners. They can be used when the primary source of the power line is down.

In the event of an unexpected power outage, standby generators can last for around 3000 hours, which means 100 hours annually. They operate automatically and can be used as a standalone unit or as your property’s electrical system.

What we love the most about standby generators is their ability to run constantly during power disruptions without much effort. You can buy a generator for the house depending on the amount of supply you need.

best standby generator for house in the uk

2. Should I Buy A Generator for My Home in the UK?

Imagine cooking some dish at your home during the night and a sudden power outage happens, what will you do when no other light source is there?

Unfortunately, you will have to stop cooking. But this situation can still be handled. The worst comes when stormy weather hits your region and the power goes off for several days. Nothing is better than a standby generator in that case.

If there is urgent work to do or you are staying with a family member with an illness, electricity is necessary. Not only that but living in an area with frequent power outages and prolonged power supply disruptions increases the need for generators.

3. Types of Generators for House

When it comes to your home, there are different types of generators to choose and you must know about common ones from them.

Portable Generators

Portable generators for hours are operated using propane, gasoline, and solar batteries as they are easily available. As their size is small, you can carry it anywhere you go. However, it’s best to use them while going camping or in an emergency situation during a power outage.

Although portable generators can be a great choice but not enough to power up your entire home, they can supply power from 1-15 KW which is sufficient enough to run basic electrical tools.

So, you can use them for meeting the construction need of your home. Some prefer petrol generators while many still use diesel generators but none of them are good for the environment.

Inverter Generators

They are known for providing electricity in three phases while maintaining a high-frequency inversion process from AC to DC and back to a constant AC output.

Standby Generators

Standby generators are of permanent type or you can say semi-permanent. And yes, it’s going to take up a lot of space even more than a standard AC. Such type of generators is packed with great fuel efficiency so that it can empower the entire problem with no issues in unexpected situations. You also need to provide proper maintenance from time to time to keep them last for around 30 years.

4. How to Choose Standby Generator for Home Use?

Before buying any standby generator, you have to take into account various factors:

Power Consumption of Various Equipment in your Home:

The very first factor is the Power Consumption of your equipment. Buying a generator after knowing how much power you need it to generate is a smart move. Here, we have listed all major home equipment that one may need and their power consumption requirements.

  • Toaster: 1050 – 1500 W
  • Vacuum Cleaner: 1000 – 3000 W + Starting watts (multiply individual watts by 3)
  • 2 HP Motor : 6000W (starting watts) and 2000W (operational watts)\
  • 1 HP Moto : 3000W (starting watts) and 1000W (operational watts)
  • Water Heater: 3000W
  • Iron: 1000W
  • Fridge: 700 – 1000W (starting watts)

Now that you know the basic necessary consumption requirements of electrical appliances. All you need is to add up the consumption watts of each appliance that you need to run altogether. Once you get that value, say if 6000W of consumption is required by electrical appliances running at the same time, then you should only consider buying a 6 KW generator or higher.


What amount of load are you expecting the generator to carry? It just depends on the requirements of your home or factory. In case you end up putting extra load then the electrical appliances may get damaged. Thus, your generator needs to have a high capacity depending on the amount of load you want to put.

Fuel Type

This is pretty important to consider because our environment is already going through a lot of changes. Go with an environment-friendly fuel like solar energy. Solar energy not just eliminates your fuel cost but also is eco-friendly and therefore, a solar generator will be worth having.

5. 4 Best Solar Generators for Home


BLUETTI AC200MAX is a powerful and reliable solution for your portable power needs. It provides ample energy storage for various applications by utilizing the LiFePO4 battery which has a long-life span of 3500+ to 80% capacity. We recommend this for your house due to its versatility, smart control and monitoring, 2048Wh capacity, 1300W fast dual charging, and a lot more features are there. It’s in fact one of the most affordable solar generators available in the market in that range.

bluetti standby generator ac200max

2. BLUETTI AC300 B300 PV350

Featuring seven ways to recharge, we are pretty fond of the look and feel of this generator. And when it comes to its capabilities, the product doesn’t fail to amaze us.

The 3,000W AC Pure Sine Wave Inverter offers a 3000W stable output power but it can also handle up to a surge demand of 6,000W. This highly durable generator for the house is undoubtedly a reliable and efficient solution for your power needs. BLUETTI AC300B300+PV350 offers a capacity of 3,072Wh which can be increased to around 4 × B300 for 12,288Wh.

bluetti ac300b300 solar generator for house

Coming to the recharging option, you can do so in seven ways. The 2,400W maximum solar input ensures efficient charging from solar panels, while the 5,400W maximum fast dual charging enables simultaneous charging through solar energy and an AC adapter. If you want a seamless flow of electricity even during emergency situations you can make use of its UPS feature, eventually making it the most suitable option.

3. BLUETTI AC500 B300S

bluetti ac500 b300 home battery backup for house

The 5,000W rated power inverter contains an impressive surge capacity of 10,000W and that’s why it’s considered as a high-performance solution for your power needs. It offers a flexible and expandable capacity of 3072Wh that can be expanded up to 4 × B300 for 12,288Wh. And don’t worry about the recharge because you get 5 ways to recharge its battery. You can easily recharge it via Solar charging, AC charging, Lead battery charging, Generator, and via car cigarette lighter.

The inverter is equipped with a LiFePO4 battery with an impressive lifespan of over 3,500 cycles to 80% capacity. And with smart APP control via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, you can easily manage and monitor the inverter from your smartphone or compatible devices.

This is how you can always ensure that the electricity supply keeps flowing in your home. It enables you to run the microwave, AV, desktop, and almost every electrical appliance for certain hours with zero interruptions.


bluetti ep500pro power station for house

Next, we have BLUETTI EP500Pro Power Station for home. This revolutionary machine can deliver an ample amount of power to run your entire house for nearly 1-2 days, in case of unexpected power cuts. What’s more? You can even run a party or a family camping trip without breaking a sweat. The machine is packed with a pure sine wave AC inverter rated with 3000W and its LiFePO4 battery of 5100Wh is what makes it a portable standalone powerhouse to cater to your needs.

Offering 14 outlets not just enables you to connect multiple devices altogether, but you can also make use of this machine to plug in power devices like air conditioners as well. It is also equipped with a Smart Touchscreen making it easier for the user to directly operate it as per their needs. Moreover, you can even operate this device remotely very effectively and easily with the help of its Smart App Remote Control.

People Also Ask about Generator for Home

1. What size generator do you need to run a house in the UK?

Typically, it all depends on the power requirements of your home. For example, you need a generator with at least a 5000–7000W rating to run the freezer and other appliances in your home properly.

2. Is 7.5 kW enough to run a house?

If calculating the entire power equals 5000 watts or 2000 watts in your house, then a generator with a minimum of 7.5kW will be best to buy. It can power up almost every household appliance.

3. What is the best standby generator to buy?

Considering the increase in climate situation and efficiency, we always suggest going for a generator containing a solar battery. It works normally like other standby generators and powers up all kinds of household appliances without any hassle.

Final words

If you want to understand the differences between generators and find out which one would be right for you and your home, then we hope that this guide will be helpful. Here we had taken a look at how standby generators work, the different types of generation available, and what you'll need to know about them before making a purchase. After considering your budget and needs, choose the standby generator that fits your needs.

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