How to Check for power cuts in your area? [BLUETTI UK]

how to check for power cuts in your area uk

A sudden power cut is really very annoying. It disturbs our daily lives and leaves us in the dark without essential utilities. Sometimes the power cut takes place due to unforeseen weather conditions, and sometimes the maintenance work or unexpected fault is the reason. If you wish to check for power cuts in your area, you are on the right page. In this article, we will explore different aspects that will help you to check it out easily. Keep on reading to know about the same in detail. We will also provide you with some alternative options that you can consider if such conditions happen frequently in your area!

Part 1: How to Check for A Power Cut in Your Area?

When a power cut happens, there is a need for you to check for power cuts in your area is with everyone or you are the only one dealing with it. There are several ways through which you can do it, and these are as follows:

Get in touch with your electricity provider:


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For every locality, there is a dedicated electricity provider available, and you can get in touch with them. You must have the customer service number available to get in touch with them. If you don't have a customer service number, you can check it out on your electricity bill or have a look at their website.

Check out PowerPoint reporting websites:

In the UK, there are different websites available that provide you with real-time information regarding the power cut in your area. You can utilize these websites and check out if there is any particular power cut reported in the locality you are living in.

Utilize social media:

In the present times, you will get all the valuable information on social media. You can check out the social media platforms and have a look if there is any announcement done by electricity providers or local authorities. You can also check out Twitter for the latest news regarding power cuts.

Check with neighbours:

Sometimes it happens that you are the only one who is suffering with power good. If you feel so, then checking out with your neighbours can help. You can discuss with them and confirm whether the outage is localized to your area or more widespread.

Part 2: What to do If there is A Power Cut in Your Area?

Sometimes it happens that the power cut in your area is so sudden that you are not prepared for it. In that condition, there are some steps that you can adapt, and these are as follows:

Check for widespread outages:

First of all, you need to be sure whether the power cut is localized or is affecting the border area as well. You can contact your neighbours or nearby friends to see if they are facing the same situation. If you find out that the power cut is widespread, it may happen due to grid failure, and in that case, you need to be ready for unforeseen conditions.

Report the power cut:

Reporting the power cut to the authorities can also help you out. You can directly call them or raise the concern over their helpline number and get the solution for it. The authorities will help you know how long you need to wait to get electricity back at your place.

Preserve food and medication:

When the power cut is widespread and unexpected, it is advisable to preserve food and medication. Preservation of food and medication will help you to survive the situation without much discomfort. But you don’t have the worry if your house equip with a BLUETTI battery as it features UPS mode that can switch battery backup when the national grid goes down. What’s more surprising, the switch time is under 100ms.

what to do when there is a power cut

Use emergency lighting:

Make sure there is a backup available with you for emergency situations. Have a reliable source of emergency lighting available with you, including a flashlight, torches, or battery-operated lanterns.

Unplug Electrical Appliances:

Last but not least, we suggest you unplug all the electrical appliances to avoid potential damage to them. Sometimes it happens that due to power surges when the electricity is restored, the electrical appliances may get affected. To prevent the same unplug them right away after the power cut.

Part 3: How to Prepare for Power Cuts?

As we all know, power cuts never come up with an invitation, and it is essential that one is prepared for it. If you live in areas where power cut is so frequent, you need to adapt the ways to deal with them. Well, to help you out in such a condition, we have a recommendation that you must choose the installation of home battery backups at your place.

Yes, you read it right. BLUETTI comes up with BLUETTI AC500 B300S Home Battery Backup, which comes up with some innovative features to help you out in such conditions. The major features that make it the best choice are as follows:

Rated Power: 5,000W with a Surge Capacity of 10,000W.

Expandable Capacity: The battery can hold a range of 3,072Wh to 18,432Wh, allowing for increased storage as needed.

Battery Type: Utilizes LiFePO4 technology, ensuring a long-lasting performance with over 3,500 life cycles up to 80% capacity.

Smart APP Control: Easily managed through the Smart APP using WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity.

Multiple Recharge Options: Offers six ways to recharge - AC power, solar panels, car charging, generator, lead battery, and dual charging (simultaneous AC and solar charging).

Versatile Outlets: Equipped with 16 outlets, compatible with 99% of devices for diverse usage.

Tie to Home Grid: Can be connected to the home grid, providing an uninterrupted power supply (UPS) for 24/7 operation.

Warranty: Comes with a 4-year warranty for AC500 and B300S models and a 1-year warranty for accessories.

bluetti ac500b300s prepare for power cuts

Part 4: How to Report A Power Cut?

Whenever there is a power cut in your area, you need to first check for power cuts in your area is being faced by everyone around. Once, you are sure of it, you can simply call 105 and report about the same. The authorities will get in touch with you and take care of the problem as well. If this is a temporary one, they will update you regarding the same. But if this takes time, they will suggest you be prepared for it.

Part 5: What Causes A Power Cut in An Area?

There are so many causes of a power cut in your area, and these are:

Network Overload:

There comes a time when electricity demand is at its peak. Due to high energy consumption, the electricity network gets overloaded. The overloading of the electricity network leads to power cuts. This usually happens in extreme weather conditions.

Weather Events:

Unforeseen weather conditions are also responsible for power cuts. The conditions that can be responsible for it include heavy snowfall, storms, lightning strikes, and strong winds. These are responsible for damaging power lines, substations, and other electrical infrastructure and ultimately lead to disruption in the electricity supply.

Equipment Failure:

Technical faults or equipment failures in power stations or substations or at the lines are also responsible for it. When equipment failure happens, it is responsible for disturbing the electricity supply chain. Until and unless the same technical fault has not been resolved, electricity supply will suffer.

Scheduled Maintenance:

Last but not least, planned maintenance and upgrades to the electricity network may require temporary power cuts to ensure the safety and reliability of the system.

Part 6: How do I Find out If there is Power Cut in My Area?

If you wish to find out or check for power cuts in your area, there are some steps that you can adapt. These are as follows:

  • Call 105 and get an update from the authorities regarding the power cut.
  • Check out social media handles if there is any update available from service providers regarding Powercut.
  • Check out with your neighbours to know whether everyone is suffering from it or you are alone in this race.

Part 7: How Long Does A Power Cut Last?

The duration for which a power cut last depends on various factors. If the same has taken place due to some technical glitches or equipment failure, it will last for around 3 hours.


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But if it happened due to unforeseen weather conditions or some other emergency situations, it may last for 7 to 8 hours. It entirely depends on the cause behind the power cut.

Part 8: What to Check There is No Electricity?

If you are residing in an area where electricity supply fluctuates, you might be aware of what to do and what not to do. There are some simple steps that you can adapt when you know that there is no electricity available:

  • Unplug all the electricity devices because when the electricity restores, there is a fluctuation in supply, and these are responsible for damaging these devices.
  • Get available some emergency lighting devices that can help you in such a situation.
  • You can also equip your place with on-electric standby stove or heater.
  • When you are considering the use of any device that can help you with power cut, make sure to check it out properly and then only utilize it. Sometimes due to faulty devices, you may suffer unnecessarily.

Final words

In conclusion, power cuts are unexpected, but there are certain ways through which you can be prepared for it. As we have already discussed about the best solar battery from BLUETTI and you can go for them. For sure, after having these solar battery installed at your place, there will be no need for you to suffer with power cuts, not all. It is advisable to get well aware how you can get them installed at your place and how things work so that there will be no problem later on!

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