12 Best Solar Generators in the UK: Brand Reviews & Top Picks

man camps with tent over beautiful view using solar generators uk to power devices

As solar energy becomes more accessible, solar generators are becoming increasingly popular. There are many reasons why we choose solar generators instead of alternatives. They are easy to use, lightweight, run on sustainable energy, and are safer than gas generators. If you want to buy a solar generator in the UK, there are several brands available starting with the excellent BLUETTI which offers different sizes and options. Learn more about the brands sold in the UK and what every solar generator offers, so you can make the best decision:

1. BLUETTI Poweroak 500Wh, - Top Pick For Solar Generator UK

Choose BLUETTI Poweroak 500Wh Portable Solar Power Station if your top priority is making sure your gadgets have adequate charge. Its size makes it an excellent choice for camping and weekend getaways, or if you're working on a van construction, for example. Very powerful, but also portable and affordable, BLUETTI is our favourite solar generator UK producer from this list.

It is mainly built to power laptop equipment, mobile phones, drones, cameras, and tablets. It can generate enough electricity for roughly 4-5 hours of charging time when coupled with a 120W solar panel. Whatever length of camping trip you are taking, one of these could make a major difference to your comfort.

2. BLUETTI AC200 Max, for Life Off-Grid

This is the ultimate living off-grid solar generator. With a sizable 2,048Wh capacity, it offers longer runtime than other portable generators and can power your entire life. Even better, you can connect several BLUETTI batteries to increase their combined capacity to over 8.000Wh.

With this much power, you’ll have the capacity to power heating, refrigeration, or air conditioning on a daily basis. It will continue for a very long period for the most basic demands of folks who are accustomed to relying on a generator. This is why it is high on our list as the best solar generator the UK has.

3. EcoFlow Delta Pro, Backup Solar Generator for the Home

The EcoFlow Delta Pro is a great choice if you're seeking a solar generator for backup power at home during a power outage. The Delta Pro alone has a 3,600Wh punch, and by connecting it to more EcoFlow batteries and generators, you may increase it to 25,000Wh. In case of emergency, power outage or natural disaster this kind f generator can make your life much safer and easier.

That's enough power, and when you need it, it has enough output capacity required to run the electronics in a whole house. Additionally, the Delta Pro comes with a companion app for iOS and Android that enables you to manage and monitor a variety of additional aspects, including energy use.

The Delta Pro is one of the less expensive options, however, it doesn’t provide as much reliable energy as the BLUETTI EP500Pro Power Station - an even better choice to the EcoFlow Delta Pro if you don’t mind spending a bit more money.

4. Jackery Explorer 500, A Portable Power Station

The Explorer 500 is one in a line of innovative portable power stations produced by Jackery. These portable power stations provide fantastic solutions to keep your devices charged when you're not close to a power source, whether you're camping or need a backup for your home.

With the Explorer 500, you receive a suitable three-pin AC power outlet where you may connect to any 500 Watt-capable item. Three USB ports, a 12 Volt outlet similar to those in cars, and two DC outlets are located next to this.

You have everything you need to recharge your batteries while on the road, packaged in a convenient carry case. When there is no mains connection, keeping your gear charged on the job site is the best way.

However, the Jackery doesn’t compare to BLUETTI’s top products which offer a slightly larger wattage, more solar panel coverage, extra ways to recharge, and additional charging features.

5. BLUETTI EB3A Portable Power Station, Best Budget Option With All the Perks

This solar generator, the UK's great option, stands out. The BLUETTI EB3A solar generator has a respectable capacity of 268Wh and is incredibly adaptable. Numerous small appliances can be run on it.

This power station was made to be portable. Its dimensions are small, and it weighs less than 5kg. It is durable and built for the great outdoors, and each output is prominently labelled and simple to locate. The remaining battery life is shown on the smart LCD.

6. Beaudens Solar Power Generator, Extra Tiny

For backpackers or backpack-wielding campers, a solar generator like this one is essential. This tiny power source is particularly portable and weighs only a little over 2 kg. It is small enough to be taken camping, to the beach, or even on a hike, and it will provide dependable power in an emergency.

Although it has a 166Wh capacity, this generator performs well despite being less powerful than some of the others on the market. It comes with a dependable battery, as well as USB, AC, and DC outputs. It can charge your smartphone, tablet, and laptop multiple times before it needs recharging the battery. This generator has several helpful features that come in handy in an emergency. There is an SOS mode and an LED flashlight.

7. Jackery Explorer 240, Affordable and Portable

Despite not quite matching the quality of BLUETTI’s top selection for the best solar generator, UK brand Jackery's smaller power station is incredibly portable with respectable power output for its price. For first-time buyers, something affordable is the best choice.

The Jackery Explorer 240 charges your gadgets while you're camping, on a job site, driving, or just need some power and don't have easy access to an outlet. It is less of a mobile power station than an expensive power bank.

jackery solar generators UK for camping

8. BLUETTI AC200P, All You Need for Travel

If we had to choose just one of the power stations as the greatest small solar generator, it would be the BLUETTI AC200P since it is surprisingly powerful for the size it comes in. You receive 13 output ports in a well-rounded package, plus two really useful wireless charging mats.

Almost every piece of equipment, including a toaster, microwave, or refrigerator (check wattage before using), may be used with this power station's 2000W power capability. With the excellent lithium-iron batteries it uses, you can enjoy an incredible battery life for over a decade of usage.

9. Powkey Portable Solar Generator, Small and Portable

Although it may not be the most fashionable portable generator on the market, the Powkey Portable Solar Generator definitely delivers when it comes to performance.

This generator features 4 USB connections and 4 separate outputs. It can be charged with 12V car chargers, with AC, or with solar power. You may charge the power station even faster by using the fast charge mode. There is also an LCD screen that shows how much battery life is left, so you'll never be without power.

This generator has no pollutants and makes no noise, so using it indoors is safe. It can be utilised without disturbing you in offices or sleeping locations. This generator offers outstanding value for the money due to its sturdy construction and large capacity. It's a terrific choice for campers and other outdoor enthusiasts on a budget because it's significantly cheaper than similar products currently on the market.

10. EcoFlow Delta 1300, Good for Overall Use

The Delta looks fantastic in two-tone grey and includes a large negative-LED display. It fits right in on your countertop with other high-end kitchen equipment. But this one has intelligence as well as good beauty. The X-Stream Technology, a patented invention, allows the Delta to recharge from the grid in just one hour.

The lithium battery with a capacity of 1260 watt-hours provides 1800 watts of continuous power, which is sufficient for a hairdryer, TV, refrigerator, and microwave. This is a great option if you are using solar generators for the first time.

11. Goal Zero Yeti 500X, Great for Minimal Use

The Yeti 500X from Goal Zero is a fantastic option for anybody going camping for the weekend who only needs a little amount of power. Goal Zero has been in the business for a while, and the appeal of its portable power units is how readily they can be used in conjunction with Goal Zero solar panels.

The 500X includes both a built-in 230V AC inverter and a built-in solar charge controller, allowing you to connect ordinary home gadgets to it. According to Goal Zero, a phone can be recharged 42 times, a portable refrigerator can run continuously for 20 hours, and a laptop can be used 10 times.

12. Dometic PLB40, Perfect for a Fridge or Small Appliances

If you need a generator solely to recharge your phone or USB-chargeable smaller devices like tablets and smartwatches while camping, in addition to powering a portable fridge, we recommend Dometic's PLB40. Due to its 512-watt-hour capacity, this superb solar generator can run a portable refrigerator for up to 40 hours or a camping weekend.

This small generator works best with small appliances and is just enough for a short trip or as an additional charging station. Choose Dometic PLB40 for your van if you like road trips or short camping trips.

view from inside a tent where a solar generator uk powers camping appliances

Final thoughts…

If you want to buy a solar generator UK is an excellent market for it. With leaders like BLUETTI, you can’t make a mistake, and your life off the grid or a camping trip can take off. Having a solar generator offers peace of mind even if you don’t use it often.

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