When will Energy Prices Go Down UK & How to Deal with It?

will energy price go down in the uk

Uncertainty can be a difficult thing to deal with, and this sounds true especially for the energy market. With the rising costs in UK, more and more consumers are struggling hard when it comes to pay their monthly bills. But when is energy prices expected to go down? If you are unsure of when energy prices will go down UK in 2023, here you will find the answer. Today’s post will is specifically dedicated to understand the probable shifts in the near future of the UK’s Energy market. Moreover, we have also listed tips to make adjustments in the bills and how to ensure cost efficiency while consuming energy.

When will Energy Prices Go Down 2023?

So, when will energy prices go down UK? As the UK’s energy industry continues to evolve, its prices are also increasing. Unfortunately, it is pretty difficult to make predictions in this domain. However, there is high possibility that there can be some short term price fluctuations.

Furthermore, if we look on long run, then there are high chances that UK energy prices could go down. This can be due to the growing in technology of renewable energy, for instance, solar energy and wind power. Also, the increase in availability of cost-efficient storage batteries can be a big reason too. Altogether, the rise in these renewable energies will help diminish the current need of non-renewable energy and consequently, will soon bring down costs for consumers.

Why are Energy Prices So High in the UK?

The Global oil and gas prices have been rising steadily since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic. The situation is further deteriorated by Russia’s fossil fuel exchange dispute with Ukraine. As a result, the natural gas supplies are weaken and the prices went way much higher. Due to this, inflation is reaching its heights across Europe and the U.K.

Rystad Energy analyst Lu Ming Pang commented that “Market sentiment is a mixture of price record fatigue with quiet acceptance that this new normal is here to stay.” The U.K. is particularly vulnerable to these changes, considering its heavy reliance on gas due to minimal nuclear and renewable energy sources. Along with lack of sufficient storage capacity that makes the nation buy short-term spot market gas, making them more susceptible to price fluctuations.

What is the Energy Price Cap?

The Energy Price Cap is a highly commendable initiative by the UK government to ensure that the consumers don't pay more what is necessary, on their energy bills. It affects households and businesses using gas and electricity from the six large energy suppliers in the UK.

The cap works by placing a ceiling on the maximum unit price energy companies can charge customers who are on their default tariff or standard variable rate tariffs. This implies, that the consumers no longer have to worry about being over charged for their consumption of energy. Therefore, consumers can budget effectively.

The energy price cap is here to make sure that consumers get fair value for their money which can only be done by setting caps on how much energy providers can charge. This ultimately, prevents the providers from taking advantage of those consumbers who might be vulnerable or are unable to switch providers.

In short, the Energy Price Cap initiative by UK Government is a highly effective effort to ensure that consumers pay only fair price for the energy consumed.

What if I can’t afford My Energy Bills?

With the rise in cost of living, many consumers are struggling hard to manage their financial status. If you are one among them, you can find the ways, how you can cope up with your energy bills.

While reducing energy consumption may offer some relief, it still minutely affects the amount you spend on energy bills. Whenever a family finds itself in such circumstances, they should seek assistance immediately.

  • Contact your energy company, they may be able to develop a payment plan or switch you to a prepayment tariff if you are paying through direct debit.
  • Additionally, several energy suppliers have grants and hardship funds, so consider inquiring about those options as well.
  • Furthermore, certain government schemes such as the Warm Home Discount, Winter Fuel Payment, and Cold Weather Payment may be available to eligible individuals.
  • Ensure to contact Local councils for additional resources as the local bodies can also provide support when in need.
  • Finally, qualifying individuals might receive cost of living payments from the government.

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Should I Fix My Energy Prices Until 2024?

So, is it possible to fix the energy prices until 2024? Let’s find the answer here. It is highly difficult to predict whether the energy price will go up and down in 2024. But according to some research and estimations, the prices might remain high until 2024.

Final words

So, this is our whole blog on when will energy prices go down UK. Energy price is a growing concern in the UK leaving many households struggling to pay their bills. Now is the time for the consumers to act smartly when it comes to energy use. You can either choose a more affordable electricity provider or switch to energy saving appliances. Or else, simply invest in renewable energy. When it comes that, BLUETTI power station is the best choice for being the most energy efficient device and also a renewable source of energy when connected to a solar panel.

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