How To Redeem A Coupon?


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VIP Exclusive Discounts - Step by Step Guide

Step1: Register and Log in

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Step2: Check Your VIP Tier

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You can now check your current VIP tier by clicking the “REWARDS” widget in the lower right corner of


Scroll down all the way to the bottom in the widget 

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Step3: Redeem the discount code you need with certain BLUETTI Bucks


Take the “EB70 VIP Exclusive Deal” For Example

 (You can only see the rewards that available for your current VIP tier in the widget)

Redeem your discount, and copy the code

(Don’t wait, as you can see, the discount won’t last forever!):

* Don’t share the code unless you want someone else to use it instead of yourself.


Enjoy the epic deal for VIPs: