10KW Solar System Cost and Produce in the UK

10kW solar panels rooftop

According to a report on Statista, there is an increase in the price of domestic electricity bills in the UK. In fact, the electricity expenditures have doubled in the past decade. It's high time when one should get a 10kW Solar system in the UK to reduce their expenses.

Installing a Solar system is more like an investment. It will cut down your annual electricity expenses in the long run. Moreover, solar panels use solar energy to generate electricity and no emission is involved in this process. So, the use of the solar system is good for the environment as well.

Coming to the price, a 10kW solar system cost in UK largely depends upon the type of setup you are having at your place. To understand more about a 10kW solar system, its cost, and production in the UK, let's take you through the article.

What is a 10kW Solar System?

A 10kW solar system with battery backup in the UK is a type of solar panel system that can produce a maximum power output of 10,000 kWh yearly. However, shading, time of the year, location in the UK, roof direction, and efficiency of your system may affect the power output generated by a 10 kW solar system.

Besides, like any other solar system, it absorbs solar energy through panels and converts it into electrical energy. The solar panels generate DC power which gets converted into AC electricity when it passes through the inverter. There are three different types of solar panel setups on-grid, off-grid, or hybrid solar system.

With higher efficiency and better power potential, a 10kW solar system in the UK is an ideal choice for big households, small-scale businesses, offices, and shops.

How much does a 10kW Solar System Cost?

Many factors may influence a 10kW solar system cost in UK. The key factors associated are:-

  • Quality of the product
  • Model of the product
  • Types of cells
  • Availability
  • Location
  • Installation cost

On average, a 10kW solar system can cost you somewhere between £16,000 to £18,000 including the installation charge and VAT. That's without a battery. After adding the battery, the price will increase based on the number of batteries you are using with the solar system. The cost of a 10kW solar system with battery backup in UK is approximately £20,000 to £22,000.

How Much Power does a 10kW Solar System Produce?

The solar system will generate power based on the surroundings where it is established. In the most suitable environment, a 10kW solar system will produce power of 10,000 kWh or more per annum. On average, a 10kW solar system can produce approximately 8,000 kWh to 12,000 kWh annually. On a daily basis, you can expect it to provide 30 kWh to 45 kWh.

10kw solar system produce

How Many Solar Panels does a 10kW Solar System Need?

The number of panels needed for a 10kW solar system setup is based on the availability of space and the capacity of the solar panels. If there is enough space, you can install 28 solar panels having a capacity of 405 watts. However, if you do not have much space to accommodate 25 panels, you can invest in high-capacity solar panels. This will decrease the number of panels needed for a 10kW solar system. For instance, 18 to 19 solar panels of 540 watts can be utilized. This will produce nearly the same amount of power that the 28 panels of 405 watts produce.

Is a 10kW Solar System Enough for Your Business?

A 10kW solar system is the best fit for businesses that require power of nearly 40 kWh per day. It is also best for small-scale businesses that need a considerable amount of electricity. Installation of a solar panel system not only cuts the cost of electricity expenditures, but also makes your business self-sufficient in terms of power supply. A 10kW solar system is capable of generating enough energy to fulfill the electricity needs of your small business, office, and shops.

10kW Solar System On Grid or Off Grid?

An On-Grid or Grid-Tied solar system is directly connected to the National Grid through a solar or micro inverter. It does not demand any battery storage system for power backup. In this setup, the excess electricity generated by the system is sent back to the grid. In the UK, you get paid for that excess electricity through feed-in-tariff. It is best for someone who is already connected to the National Grid and still wants to decrease their electricity bills.

On the other hand, an off-grid solar system is not connected to the National Grid. It can work efficiently in the most remote areas. This makes it suitable for people who cannot connect to a grid and want to install a solar system. An off-grid solar system has everything that you need for an efficient energy supply, no matter where you live.

FAQs about 10kW Solar System

Will a 10kW solar system run a house?

A 10kW solar system is powerful enough to support the power supplies of a house. If you have a large mansion or a villa, a 10kW solar system can carry out all the functions that you normally perform while using electricity. If you think that buying a 10kW solar system for a household is squandering the money. Then, you must know that your investment is going to make your tasks easy for many years. But if you think the 10kW solar system is too large and expensive for you as you live in an apartment, BLUETTI is a good choice for you. It offers a wide variety of solar batteries and panels to assist users aiming for total energy independence while maintaining durability of over 10 years on its batteries. Hence, if you are searching for an eco-friendly solar panel and batteries at a reasonable price in the UK, BLUETTI will be a sure-shot solution for you.

BLUETTI solar panel and battery

Is it worth getting a 10kW solar system?

Yes, it is worth spending money to get a 10kW solar system. This is an investment that you are not going to regret in the future. A decent solar system lasts for up to 25 to 30 years or more. Due to inflation or other factors, electricity prices are rising with time. Furthermore, if you have high energy demands, you should definitely consider buying a 10kW solar system in the UK. It makes you energy independent and helps to put aside some money rather than paying high bills of electricity.

Can I install a 10kW solar system in the UK?

You can surely install a solar system in the UK. However, some rules need to be followed:

  • The solar array should not lie beyond the roof of the house (excluding the chimneys).
  • The solar panels should be removed when they are no longer in use.
  • The panels should not exceed more than 20 mm from the edge of the roof.
  • If mounted on land, the system is not allowed to be taller than 4m and must not go beyond an area of 9m².

In addition, you just need to get permission and notify the Distributor Network Operator (DNO) before installing a 10kW solar system.


Investing in a trustworthy solar system will make your life easy by making you energy-independent. For medium to large-sized businesses, a 10kW solar system installed with a battery is more than enough. A 10kW solar system with battery backup in UK generally ranges from £20,000 kWh to £22,000 kWh. Moreover, the BLUETTI can be a reliable option that is built to last longer and work efficiently. Besides, if you do not need a power backup, you may exclude batteries.

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