Power Cut in London: How to Check and How to Prepare?

power cut in london

Power Cut London in 2023 is a common concern to many electricity users. With the increasing electricity consumption, more resources are needed. And hence, power cuts are happening more frequently than before. Power cuts in London could occur for many reasons, including planned maintenance, weather calamities, human errors, damaged wires, etc. So, to avoid any risk and accident during a power cut, you should be patient and aware of the precautions. In this article, let’s explore a few prerequisites and solutions that prepare you to face a power cut.

Do Power Cuts Happen in London?

Yes, power cuts do happen in London, and they are more frequent than they seem. Delivering electricity to 10 million people for 24 hours in London is indeed a challenging task.

However, power cuts can happen due to multiple other reasons as well, like:

  • Natural Calamity: Power cuts in London can happen with frequent weather changes, lightning, heavy rains, and more.
  • Technical Issues: The power cables and servers could get damaged.
  • Human Error: Changes in the system or server due to human error could lead to power failures.
  • Fire or Theft: Power cuts can happen if a fire situation arises or any theft occurs.

However, these power cuts are restored and informed to the users accordingly.

How to Check If There is A Power Cut in London?

The electricity suppliers and network maintainers provide electricity 24 hours to all over London. To check if there is a power cut in London:

  • Check if your neighbour’s power is on or not.
  • If the neighbour’s power is on, check your main switch and try switching it on again.
  • But, if all the lights are off in your area, there might be a power cut, and you can use the below steps to verify that:

Step 1: Go to the “ukpowernetworks.co.uk/power-cut.”

search power cuts

Step 2: Write your postal code on the search bar and hit the enter key.

search postal code

Here, you can view all the real-time power cuts that happened in your area.

Warm Tips When Hit by Power Cut

Experiencing a power cut can panic people and sometimes feels very frustrating. To help you overcome the issues that arise while facing power cuts, we have listed some points which you can follow:

  • Dial 105 and report the power cut to your distribution network operator.
  • Make sure to switch off all the lights and appliances. But keep one light switched on to know if the power is restored.
  • Check upon your neighbours if they are elderly, ill, or need medical attention.
  • Ensure that your medical equipment, if any, has enough battery backup.
  • Don’t use your mobiles and laptops to save their battery.
  • If you have pets, make sure to comfort them so they don’t get frightened in the dark.
  • Keep your torches handy.
  • Avoid opening the refrigerator frequently to keep the stored items fresh for longer.

How to Prepare A Power Cut in London Next Time?

We know that power cut in London can crimp you. So it’s better that you prepare yourself and your home to face both planned or unplanned power cuts. The most effective solution to minimise the power cut effects is to have a battery backup. And the one highly useful battery backup is - BLUETTI AC500 + B300S Home Battery Backup. This home battery backup device is a reliable solution for your homes and offices. It is rechargeable and can be used anytime, according to your preference.

Some of the useful features of BLUETTIAC500 + B300S are:

  • Its functionality can be controlled with the smart app.
  • Can be charged in six different ways: Solar, car, generator, AC, lead battery, and dual charging.
  • Backed with a 4-year product warranty and a 1-year accessory warranty.
  • Expandable capacity up to 18,432Wh.
  • The rated power is 5,000W.
BLUETTI home battery backup

FAQs about Power Cut in London

Who is the Electricity supplier in London?

In London, there are multiple electricity suppliers, but a few of the most reliable are:

  • British Gas: It is one of the cheapest energy service providers in the UK. In addition, it offers various tariffs like green tariffs, electrical vehicle tariffs, and more.
  • Utility Warehouse: It is also one of the cheapest and reliable energy service providers. This offers insurance, broadband, and more things to its customers.
  • Octopus Energy: It provides 100% green electricity energy and helps maintain a sustainable environment.

How long can power cut last in the UK?

The duration of a power cut can range from a few minutes to a few days. The planned power cut can last up to 4 hours and an unplanned power cut can last up to a few days. However, the customers who are affected by a power cut in London for more than 12 hours can get compensation for their loss.

How long can a fridge go without power in the UK?

In a power cut situation, avoid opening refrigerators and freezers to maintain the stored item’s freshness. The fridge, without electricity, can remain cold for up to 4 hours in normal weather. The items in the freezer should stay cold for up to 48 hours, depending on the weight of the food and room temperature.


Power cuts in London can be both planned and unplanned depending on the environment and supplier. However, to avoid unwanted loss during a power cut situation, you should prepare yourself and your home before it happens. Additionally, you can use a home battery backup to keep electricity back up whenever needed. We recommend the most reliable BLUETTI AC500 + B300S Home Battery Backup solution. This user-friendly device is easily operable and can efficiently store energy for future needs.

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