Home Battery Storage UK Without Solar: All You Need to Know

home battery storage uk without solar panels

Many of us are choosing to move away from traditional energy methods in order to save money on the ever-rising costs of power. If you’ve been toying with the idea of investing in a home storage battery, but are a little confused by how home battery storage UK without solar work don’t fret - all will be revealed!

We look at home battery storage in the UK without solar and offer a complete guide of everything you need to know.

Does a Storage Battery Work Without Solar Panels?

Contrary to popular belief, storage batteries can indeed work without the assistance of solar panels, making it wholly attainable to increase/manage the power within your home without needing to invest in a full solar power kit.

How it works is the battery storage encapsulates power from the grid and is able to store it, enabling you to ‘cash in’, as it were, either during an outage, or if you would like to save money during peak energy-usage times.

While solar power solutions are an incredibly useful investment, they aren't always doable; but with a storage battery (known as ‘standalone batteries) - they aren't necessary either.

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How does Battery Storage Work?

So, now that we’ve discovered that storage batteries do not need to be rigged up to a solar power system, let’s take a look at how this nifty bit of technology works sans sun rays.

Non-solar battery storage doesn’t collect energy via panels, instead it utilises energy captured via the grid, allowing for more power autonomy within the home, without spending extra money to achieve it.

In this case, BLUETTI EP500Pro battery is a good choice for you. When the electricity consumption is low, usually at night, the electricity price is relatively cheap and BLUETTI EP500Pro will storage electricity for you so that you can use more power at a lower price to save you money when the electricity price is high usually in daytime; in addition, BLUETTI uses lithium iron phosphate batteries, which are safe and can be placed in your home.

home battery storage without solar

It is important to note that battery storage without solar will not cater to full energy usage, and cannot (as of yet) be used to fully power your home or workspace. It is simply a means of energy storing that can help you out in times of outages, or during peak-usage times when energy costs skyrocket.

Pros and Cons of Battery Storage without Solar

Like most things, there are advantages and disadvantages to battery storage without solar.


  • One of the biggest advantages of battery storage is that they help cap the costs of daily use of household energy. This can radically reduce energy bills.
  • It provides back-up energy 24/7 in the event of an emergency, which can be particularly useful for those in areas that are regularly affected by weather extremes and outages.
  • Provides a level of independence from energy companies.
  • It can work in conjunction with grid-tie systems.
  • Battery storage systems are robust and low-maintenance.
  • Safe for your home, pets, children, etc.
  • Is a more eco-friendly solution than relying on traditional energy sources all the time.
  • A noiseless back-up energy solution, which isn’t the case with other methods, such as gas generators.


  • Not a go-to option for full power replacement.
  • Upfront costs can be high.
  • It may force you to undertake a time-of-use rate plan with your energy supplier, which may result in higher energy bills if the storage battery isn’t used on a daily basis, or correctly.

Benefits of Battery Storage with Solar

Many battery storage users like to team their system up with a solar power kit, which includes panels mounted on top of their home, which can be very beneficial for those looking to move away from traditional energy solutions on a full-time, permanent basis.

Adding solar to your battery storage can provide even more benefits than without solar:

  • Say goodbye to extortionate energy bills.
  • A brilliant way to massively reduce your carbon footprint.
  • 24/7 back-up power in the event of an emergency/outage.
  • Full independence from power companies.
  • Completely safe for you, your children, and your pets.
  • Solar power panels are extremely sturdy and resistant to harsh weather.
  • Ideal for off-grid lifestyles.
  • Zero maintenance fees. Once the initial purchase and set-up fee is covered, you will not have to pay to use your solar power system.
  • Completely noiseless and disruption-free energy solution.
  • Immunity to the ever-increasing energy costs.

men install solar panels and home battery backup system on UK home

Can You Add Solar Panels to Battery Later?

In most cases, it is fine and doable to add a solar power system to your storage battery later in the game.

However, it is imperative you seek advice from your supplier before investing blindly into panels, or any other solar power device.

How Much is Home Battery Storage in the UK Without Solar?

To add a home battery storage system without solar in the UK, as of 2023, can cost anywhere between £1000 to £4000, depending on the model, supplier, etc.

Batteries can vary in size and capacity, and choosing the right one for your home depends on certain factors, such as the size of your home, how many people live there (the more people, the more devices/appliances being used!), how many electronics/gadgets are in use (tech lovers can expect to need a larger capacity product), and so on.

Home Battery Storage with Solar: A Brief Guide

If you’re unsure whether to invest in a battery storage device with or without solar power, here’s everything you need to know about opting for the latter.

Home Battery Storage Costs

Investing in a battery storage, plus solar system, will typically set you back from anything between £2,000 - £11,000, depending on the supplier, model, storage capacity, and so on.

This may or may not include installation fees and any work that may need doing on your property to cater to the new solar power system.

Naturally, the larger the system, the higher the costs will be. An example would be:

System Size

Estimated Cost

Number of Panels

Roof Size

Estimated Yearly Savings on Electricity

3kW panel system

£5k - £6k


22 metres


4kW panel system

£6k - £8k


29 metres


5kW panel system

£8k - £9k


32 metres


6kW panel system

£9k - £11k


43 metres



home battery storage with solar panels

Other Home Battery Storage With or Without Solar Power UK FAQs

Is solar power right for me and my home?

Solar power can benefit almost everyone because it relies on a free resource: the sun. And those who live in sunnier climates naturally have the advantage when implementing solar power into their home or workspace.

A solar power system can save hundreds of pounds every year that would otherwise be eaten up by energy bills.

The start-up costs of solar power can be high, but the maintenance costs are next to nothing, and with the energy bill money saved each month, it’s not long before the system has paid for itself.

It’s worth adding that in 2022 in the UK, the government scrapped VAT on energy efficient measure costs.

How long will a standalone (e.g.: non-solar) home battery storage provide power during an outage?

If you have a non-solar home battery storage system and there is an outage, your stored energy (providing you have been using the system correctly and on a continuum) will provide you between 8-12 hours of power before exhausting itself.

It is important to understand that because your battery storage system relies on grid power to charge, it will cease to charge during a blackout, and will only do so once the power is back running again.

If you live in an area that is prone to extended outages, it is wise to consider a solar power system instead of a standalone battery, as, even during a blackout, your solar battery will continue to charge from the sun, providing longer lasting back-up energy.

How do I decide which is best for me - a standalone battery or solar power?

In many instances, solar power will come out on top in terms of its benefits over standalone batteries, but there are instances when a standalone may be your best bet. These are:

  • If you live in a particularly shaded area (for example, if your roof, which would be where your solar panels would go) is concealed by a large tree), then this would severely limit the power a solar kit could provide, in which case a standalone battery would be the next best solution.
  • If you’re on a tight budget, it can be worth investing in your standalone battery now, and then adding solar power solutions at a later date.
  • You need to obtain the rights from your council (or landlord, if you’re not a homeowner) in order to install solar devices, and if, for whatever reason, this is denied, you can invest in a standalone battery without requiring external permission).
  • If your home has certain obstacles that restrict you (for example, skylight windows).

Can I add battery storage to my current solar power system?

Yes, you can invest in just your standalone battery and add the solar equipment later, and vice versa.

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