Portable Solar Generators for 2023: Top Picks & Buying Guide

sunrise over hill powering portable solar generator

There’s no denying it - renewable energy is the future—particularly solar power.

As climate change and the rising cost of energy become increasingly growing concerns, many of us are looking for more cost-effective and environmentally-friendly solutions. More often than not, solar power is the obvious choice.

Whether installing solar panels on our roofs or investing in portable solar generators to aid in powering some of our appliances at home or within areas where electricity is scarce, solar power is a reliable, eco-friendly solution for replacing traditional energy sources, such as electricity and fossil fuels.

What are Portable Solar Generators?

A portable solar generator (sometimes known as a mobile solar plant) is a small(ish) maneuverable energy source that is designed to provide sustainable energy to locations otherwise scant of electricity. They are similar in size, shape, and aesthetics to traditional generators. However, instead of relying on unsustainable fossil fuels to provide the juice, they use solar power directly from the sun.

Typically, portable solar generators will contain lithium-ion batteries, which an in-built converter (usually in the form of panels) will then transmute the incoming solar rays into renewable energy.

While renewable energy is considered a wholly reliable and eco-friendly resource, it is still in the early stages of being studied and improved. So, as of yet, portable solar generators are only practical for certain circumstances, and cannot power an entire property on their own (at least not yet).

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Why Use Portable Solar Generators?

While we cannot, as yet, run our homes or businesses solely on a portable solar generator, they can be a really useful option for certain situations:

Construction Sites

Construction sites can’t always be relied upon to have a traditional power source that is functioning (or safe), so a portable solar generator can be a sustainable and more cost-effective solution for providing energy.

Emergency Situations

Portable solar generators can be useful in case of an emergency; for example, if there is a power outage. While a portable solar generator isn’t an option for providing full power restoration, it can at least supply you with enough juice to get the essentials temporarily up and running again, such as lighting and basic appliances.

Motorhomes/Caravans/Van Life

Mobile homes are becoming increasingly popular as a permanent living situation, particularly for those who enjoy travelling on a regular basis. Many people are investing in caravans, motorhomes, and canal barges, as well as converting transit vans into living spaces, and having a portable solar generator can be ideal for sustaining energy within these smaller spaces - and without having to rely on oil top-ups (unlike regular generators).

Sustainable Living

Many of us are trying to monitor our carbon footprint, and solar power is a great way to do that. It is possible to kit your roof out with solar panels and use portable solar generators to supplement any necessary energy not covered by the panels.

Saving Money

It’s hard not to notice the ever-rising cost of energy, which is where solar power steps in.

Once you’ve paid for the initial purchase and set-up of your solar device/s, they are completely free to use and require little-to-no maintenance. Take that energy bills!

portable solar generators save money during energy crisis

Our Top 3 Portable Solar Generators for 2023

So, now we know what nifty little things portable solar generators can be, let’s look at the best of what’s on offer going into 2023….

#1 AC200MAX Expandable Power Station (Generator Only)


  • 2,200W AC Pure Sine Wave Inverter (4,800W Surge).
  • 2,048Wh Capacity.
  • LiFePO4 Battery with 3,500+ Life Cycles to 80%
  • Expandable Up To 6,144Wh with 2×B230, or 8,192Wh with 2×B300
  • 7 Ways to Recharge (AC/Solar/Car/Generator/Lead Battery/Dual AC/AC+Solar)
  • 900W Max. Solar Input
  • 1300W Max. Fast Dual Charging (Solar + AC Adapter)
  • Smart Control & Monitor in BLUETTI App

Never run out of power with this expandable power station, which allows you to recharge various household items, while on or off-grid.

More information on this product can be found here.

#2 AC200MAX + B230 + PV120 Solar Generator Kit (Generator + Panel Board)


  • 2,200W AC Pure Sine Wave Inverter (4,800W Surge).
  • 2,048Wh Capacity.
  • LiFePO4 Battery with 3,500+ Life Cycles to 80%
  • Expandable Up To 6,144Wh with 2×B230, or 8,192Wh with 2×B300
  • 7 Ways to Recharge (AC/Solar/Car/Generator/Lead Battery/Dual AC/AC+Solar)
  • 900W Max. Solar Input
  • 1300W Max. Fast Dual Charging (Solar + AC Adapter)
  • Smart Control & Monitor in BLUETTI App

This is the same generator as mentioned above, but you also get a B230 and a solar panel board, for additional energy. This product also comes with a 2-year hassle-free warranty, free shipping for UK residents, and lifetime customer support.

More information on this product can be found here.

#3 AC300 + B300 + PV120 Solar Generator Kit


  • 3,000W AC Pure Sine Wave Inverter (6,000W Surge).
  • 3,072Wh Capacity (Expandable w/ up to 4 × B300 for 12,288Wh).
  • 7 Ways to Recharge (AC/Solar/Car/Generator/Lead battery/Dual AC/AC+Solar).
  • 2400W Max. Solar Input.
  • 5400W Max. Fast Dual Charging (Solar + AC Adapter Simultaneously).
  • Smart App Control & Monitor.
  • 24/7 UPS Home Backup.

Designed to last up to a decade, this solar power station can be fully-charged in as little as thirteen hours, and is ideal as a home backup system. It can be charged using the included 200w solar panels, car charging cable, and multifunctioning DC charging cable. Far superior to most other solar generator brands.

More information on this product can be found here.

Some of the products these portable solar generators will help you power include:

  • 2000w coffee maker (enough to make up to 70 cups of java!)
  • 1650w electric grill (for up to an hour)
  • 1200w fridge (between 15 - 28 hours)
  • 8000 btu air-con (3 - 7 hours)
  • 10w lighting (50+ hours)

Portable Solar Generators: A Buying Guide

If you’ve never delved into the wonderful world of renewable energy before, purchasing a portable solar generator (or any other solar device) can be a bit daunting. So, if you’re considering investing in a portable solar generator, here are a few things to consider:

Why Do I Need a Portable Solar Generator?

What do you plan to use your solar generator for…?

Take into consideration what you intend on using your portable power station for - predominantly, how much energy you hope to generate (and for what products). It is worth bearing in mind that if you’re hoping to provide power to a small caravan, you won’t need the same size generator as you would if you wanted to power a large RV.

Speed & Input

When looking into portable solar generators, think about what you require from the device in terms of charging speed and solar input wattage.

For example, a solar power station with a solar input wattage of 700 watts should take around 3 - 4 hours to fully charge.


Most portable solar generators will come with the right bits and bobs so the only thing that you’ll need to provide is the sunshine. You can invest in additional accessories like extra batteries or carrying cases.


While solar devices don’t need dazzling sunshine at all times in order to function, the better the weather, the better the product works. So, if you’re planning on going camping in a dense, thick forest area, you may find your portable solar generator takes longer to charge.

Purchasing Portable Solar Generators: Top Tips

  • Always buy from a reputable brand like BLUETTI that provides a good warranty.
  • Read reviews from other users.
  • Consider how many outlets you require from a generator before purchasing.
  • Opt for lithium-ion batteries. These are typically the most reliable and long-lasting batteries for portable solar generators. They’re also pretty lightweight too.

Portable Solar Generators: FAQs

Are portable solar generators noisy?

Portable solar generators are not known for their noisiness - unlike their fuel-reliant cousins! This can mean peace and quiet for both yourself and the local wildlife. When the generator is being used at full power, you may hear a light ‘whirring’ noise from the cooling fans, but it’s nowhere near the level you get with traditional fuel generators.

Some models even come with noiseless cooling fans.

portable generators are less noisy than gas generators

What are the best batteries for portable solar generators?

As mentioned above, lithium batteries are your best choice. You can use lead-acid batteries if you wish (they are cheaper), but they are typically more sensitive to the depth of discharge (DoD), don’t last as long, and weigh more than their lithium counterparts.

Are portable solar generators low-maintenance?

If you look after your portable solar generator properly, you will find it to be low-maintenance. This is because they require no fuel or lubricant, and don’t contain any parts that run the risk of malfunctioning or wearing out (other than the batteries).

It is important to look after your portable solar generator though. Avoid getting them wet and/or exposing them to extreme temperatures.

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